Saturday, October 17, 2009


We were browsing at Chinese Sea Food Restaurants last week in search of lunch. The sea food here looked really fresh. How more fresh can they get? They were still swimming and alive. We were not into picking out the sea food and having them cooked so we did not have any of these.
The Emparau Fish is the most expensive on the menu - normal price at around RM 1000 per fish as it is RM 100/100g. It was on special that day for Rm 65/100g. They did not look very impressive but the guy said even the scales can be eater. For a thousand dollars a fish, I would even eat the eye balls!!! The best way to taste it is to lightly steam the fish in soy sauce. Not for us or we would have to starve for the rest of the month.
The Morey Eel at RM 10/100g. I wouldn' t be eat these, I don't think they will go down too well with my sensitive stomach.
The Giant Mantis Prawns at RM 13/100g. My lunch buddies say it's quite tasty just stir fried with dried chillies and oyster sauce. NOPE - not me for too.
Prawns - this is the only sea food I can eat.
Just when you think you have seen it all - The GeoDuck. Oh can pay me and I still won't try this. At RM13.80/100g, one Geoduck is about RM 400. It is suppose to taste like abalone - either eaten in steam boat or as sashimi (raw).
The Japanese Escargot. I know the French eat SNAILS and I am glad I am Malaysian.
I guess, "To each, His Own."


  1. wow...some interesting choices.
    I would say I would give them all a go, just to see what i like best ;-)
    That weird looking.Never heard or seen it before, thanks for the education.

  2. I'm with you, I'd stick to the prawns. I couldn't choose a live fish and eat it afterwards. Ugh! The Geoduck looks positively gruesome!

  3. LOL! I would have a problem choosing my dinner from the aquariums as well, and also like you, I would never eat the geoduck! I've seen those and am not at all interested in seeing if it does taste like abalone! :-)

  4. I would have to agree on Geoduck it just has No appeal what so ever!!.. Prawns would probably be my choice... I sure wouldnt spend 1000 on One meal!! Nope i am waaaay to cheap for that.