Tuesday, October 13, 2009


It was really difficult choosing lanterns for the Mid-Autumn festival last Oct 3rd. Did I want the traditional type like the paper ones above. These come folded flat in grooves and are sold in a pack of differnt colours as seen in the plastic piles on the table top. One just need to pull them open like acordians, stick a candle in the wire holder and viola....we are ready for the lantern parade.

The shopping complexes compete for the best decorations to attract customers to the moon cake stalls. There is so much variety from so many brands, it is hard to make a selection especially when the packaging is lovely. Special sections, usually in the Centre Court, are built to look like traditional China town.
These are lanterns made from wire frames to form different animals and then covered with colourful polythene paper. The lanterns are then hand painted for extra colour and to fill in the essential features - eyes, wings, beaks.
These are my favourite and I have had a different animal every year till I was 17 years old. I know, 17 is way too old to be doing the lantern parade but lanterns are irresistible. If one kid in the neighbourbood (even at 17) wants to walk her lantern, we have get our own and join in the fun. It happens in every home, "Mummy, Kim Lian has her lantern and Aunty has invited me to walk tomorrow." So even at 17, together with my sister and dad, we will be at the Chinese shops agonising over which animal to buy. Every animal has its own characteristics and vibrant colours. My very first was a squirrel, and rabbits, butterflies, dragons, flying horses have accompanied me over the years.
And... when we think we have finally outgrown the lantern parade, we have to start all over again with our own kids . Choosing the animals, buying boxes of candles, matches and lighters. The Mid-autumn festival of moon cakes and lantern walk on the night of a new moon - a tradition no one can ever out grow.


  1. I cannot beleive the color you have surrounding you all the time. It's amazing. My life seems so pale with my fallen leaves and rainy sky today.

  2. There's colour in autumn leaves, so many shades of red, brown, orange and gold. I have always admire the colours of autumn in photos and pictures cos we do not have that over here. We have been having rainy skies too - with floods in some areas. Hope you get some sun shine this week end.

  3. I agree with Carolyn about the colour surrounding you. The lanterns are lovely.
    Thanks for your humorous comment on my blog. You were so right!