Sunday, November 27, 2022


"Have I passed on? Is this the tunnel everyone crosses into the light?" 
"Where did the lights go?" 

"Have I arrived?" "Where is Saint Peter?"

"Wait, I am not alone. There is another with his best friend."
"Ahhh, DOGS do go to Heaven."

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

WHO said Covid-19 is asymptomatic,

is a LIAR! Even these beastly Chinese herbs could not stop the symptoms. 
I had every symptom on the Covid-19 infection list.

 This "cooling" Chinese remedy should have cured the throat but I still ended up at the hospital emergency room for treatment. 
Survived on soups and lost 6 pounds.

But I managed to go to the polls and get my vote in. 
It has been a chaotic many months which started when my laptop "crashed." My old faithful could not be resurrected) and after getting a new one, I could not sign into blogger for a few weeks. Then, blogger registered me as "Beau Bo" in all my comments and still does! 
Covid-19 visited me for a week, my bicycle tyres "pancit" (went flat), the back blinking lights just fell off. Thory had to visit the vet as it appears he has only one "ball," the other one is stuck inside. Savvy Girl got a new job and was crying at lunch and dinner times and not with JOY. 
 So, blogger friends, I apologise for not visiting your posts these few months. But now that I have found a new purpose in life, I will return in between the sitting and snacking.

Friday, November 11, 2022

GOOD FINDS on a morning walk.

 I keep saying the best things in life are free.... and I do mean it.  PERFECT circles made by insects or parasites. I need a pair compasses to draw these. In nature it is free style!

Morning glory 
and yam leaves to spit on. When we were kids before the ipad and smart phones became an inseparable part of us, we used to make big globs of spit onto these waxy leaves and twirl the leaves as fast as we could. The last kid with the spit blob still left on the leaf was CHAMPION! 
The abandoned playground as the pandemic kept the children indoors.
The rains are here and the storks are taking off for shelter. 

Friday, November 4, 2022

Deepavali Better late than Never

We celebrated the Festival of Lights about a week ago on 24th October. 

Colours are always vibrant for this festival celebrated by those of Hindu faith. 
Gizmo Man wanted curry for dinner. Aiyoh, cooking curry with all the pounding and blending of so many spices and chillies is always a nightmare for me.
 See Boy came to the rescue and cooked a rather BIG ikan merah (red snapper) head curry.
 I made a sothi (coconut tomato curry) and bought the fish head, roti (flat breads) and thosai (pancake of fermented ground black gram and rice).
 This family believes in "From the WOK to the TABLE," no need for fancy FOOD plating!
Savvy girl washed the dishes. Thory and Belle ate the scraps. It was a family effort.