Monday, January 17, 2022


PENANG - THE PEARL OF THE ORIENT.  Gismo Man and I visited Penang with his sister for a short break. Shil's husband had passed away in May 2021 from lung cancer. With the ban on inter-state travels, we were home-bound for quite some time.
       We were at Tsunami village for dinner. This was one of the many spots destroyed by the tsunami in 2004. This restaurant was rebuilt and renamed after the catastrophe. 
It is now very popular as it is built extending into the beach. 
Dinner in an atmosphere with waves lapping onto the beach and a cool sea breeze can build up an amazing appetite.
        Fishermen checking their boats
and repairing their nets before setting off at night to catch cuttlefish. 
Call for Magrib prayers at sevenish from the "floating" mosque. 
    Penang is famous for its colonial buildings. 
          Many have been conserved, but this one sits sadly amongst the newer buildings. I can imagine the opulence and the many parties this grand mansion hosted during its hey days.
            If walls could talk, there would be many exciting stories. But for now, this forlorn mansion awaits a new owner to return it to its former splendor and glory.

Monday, January 10, 2022



Finally after 10 years, I changed my whats app profile picture - the Brahminy Kite.  Change is the only constant in life - Heraclitus

Another of his famous quotes, 
" No one ever steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man. 
 Even Thory had a "change" and was upgrade with online "surgery" for doe eyes and "tattooed" eye brows. 
 Belle got her present on the Christmas tree. 

Neighbours sent over cakes but Rudolf’s anthers broke and Frosty started to melt. 
Gismo Man wanted to change the fish numbers in the pond, we were at Aktari Koi to get 3 new fishes.

We bought the cheap baby ones.
These lovely big ones were

priced between RM2,000 – RM10,000! I wonder if anyone would spend that much!!  
 I accompanied a close friend to the hospital as she suddenly fell ill. I was quite amused when I overheard the nurses, “Wait Miss, don't walk, we will send the hospital Porsche to take you to Cardiology.” 
YES, that’s the Porsche with number plate SC 7! 
 And to end the week sadly, my neighbour's cat was eaten by a python. 
The rains have brought the wild life out. 

ANother sssnake did a Christmas visit. We witnessed this Snake Patrol's arrival.
Arrr! Let's have a vote, 
WHO IS CUTER? The Snake or the Snake Patrol.

Saturday, January 1, 2022


    Guess WHO is still hanging around. Let's give Omicron a good SHOVE OFF.

Come on Agents 202, we have NO TIME TO DIE, PUSH. 

We have everything against you, Bug. It is time you hit the road and left our planet.

      "Hahaha, it will take much more than you 3 puny numbers to shove me off planet Earth. I am NOT leaving anytime soon, ya hear me!' 

      Our WORLD is in PERIL, M will not be pleased. We need back up. Get Agent 2 and Q's bag of devices to stop this dystopia.

  Did someone call me? My name is 2, JUST 2. 

          Okay, Omicron, this is your last chance. GO peacefully or prepare to DIE.         
 "OH Yeah, I will face Death. But, today is NOT the day.  BLEAH! I am HERE TO STAY and corrupt HUMANs for eternity. 

" Ahhh, mercy Me, that was a rotten trick - a weapon of the Cold War! Was it AZ, Pfizer or Sinovac?" 
Does it matter? All three vax would have KILLED you.
The world "was shaken, not stirred." 
We will LIVE not EXIST.
Images were taken from a 2022 greeting video.
Video credit: Creator unknown.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021


This quaint town in the countryside of Tanjung Sepat delivers sunrises of grey-blue and gold.

Catch these views while walking along the looong Lover's Bridge. 

The town's folks come in rustic style to buy breakfast and no one blinks an eyelid, only us silly city slickers. Simple comfort food like fried vermicelli and chicken curry accompanied with local coffee "kaw kaw" (thick and strong) costs only RM5.

Food stalls are like little supermarkets with home grown fruits and vegetables.

The earth here must be God-sent. Trees are laden with mangoes that are perpetually in season.
 These huge jackfruits like "tumours" are all "bagged" up to stop the birds and squirrels from getting the first taste.  

Morning glory scaling to the sky,
wooden houses with verandas to sit and chat in the evenings
and sunsets with the tide rolling into the mangroves. 

Ahhh Flipper, how contented your life must be.