Tuesday, February 7, 2023

JOM (let's go) to IPOH.

Thus began my early morning train ride at 8am, 
so early the maintenance crew was still wiping down the coaches! Not many passengers and note I was in my qigong uniform ready for immediate action. Seats were comfy. 
I was politely but uncomfortably seated like an upright lady (mum would have been proud) until a few stops into the journey when a very regular passenger (I guess) showed me how to really get comfy on the train. Sorry mum, I had to evolve too. I stuck my short legs out on top of my baggage into the passage way but did not block movement. My, what a difference in comfort level! Lots of construction to improve the tracks.

Ipoh railway station, an icon since 1894 when the original was first constructed. It still has the Moorish architecture with British India influence. 

Arrived at the qigong centre to a full practice of over 30 members. 

Although the practice stage is outdoors, the center was built with lots of greenery and orchids to bring temperatures down a little. Pitcher plants ... OUCH, don't eat my fingers!
Yellow Solandra Grandiflora - trumpet flowers

Saturday, January 21, 2023


 Found this unique plant that looks like a claw, bright yellow for good luck. The pomelo, a homonym for prosperity and status, is another popular buy for the Chinese New year.

Bangkok's traffic on both lanes! 

We used the "tuk-tuk" which sped and weaved so fast I had to hang on to my newly bought hair band. 

A hair cut for only 300 Baht (US$9 or 7 Pound Sterling)? I would be thoroughly stressed selecting a style.

 But I think you should not fall asleep or take off your glasses when Barber Gu snips away - you may just get a surprise.
Prayers for a Prosperous and Happy Bunny Year.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023


 At last, a wet land next to my housing estate has been designated a park. 

It used to be a lake but with poor maintenance and God-given sunny weather, the lake was consumed by the invasive water hyacinth plants. These plants can take over any area with water and turn it into a wetland faster than Speedy Gonzales. The entrance is lined with date trees like soldiers on a parade, 

and amazingly the security system is GEESE patrol. 

The painted storks have formed a colony here. 

So have the little herons, like this one hiding in the tree.

 Life must be just as challenging too for herons as they ponder on a fence. Here's three (arrowed) musing about life.
And as always, man will leave his mark.

Wednesday, January 4, 2023



 It takes the year end to bring out the "gila" (crazy) in people. 

Somehow December feels like the month to let it all go. "We survived another year, last time to let it all hang loose." My qigong friends at our beach party in Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang. 

Some did a day trip, others camped over night. This is our Malaysian version of camper vans. 

Nothing quite like Chillin' with Patsy's mobile home aptly called "The Suite." 

Ours is "Room Service - warm and cozy"

I think our Malaysian beach parties are quite different from the West - no alcohol, just water and Chinese tea and childhood games. The sedan chairs or human-powered transport is a poor man's palanquin. It was disastrous as "Humpty Dumpties had great falls." 

The three-legged race was no better - legs were tied using food plastic wraps. 

Then, there was the largest beach hop scotch! 

followed by kites - safest with no jumps or hops. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Home-grown vegetables too large for the table!

 I wonder how many to finish this one gourd. A village?

These vegetables and fruits were grown by the road side. Really healthy looking BIG specimens. Wonder if the owner used steroids? 🤣🤣
Banana flower that can be cooked.
Passion fruits,
Luffa gourds that when dried will give me a life-time supply of loofah sponges.

and 4-angle beans.

It was a pity the owner was not around as I really wanted to know the fertiliser he/she used.