Tuesday, September 6, 2022

ZOOM meetings and Cooking

simultaneously is not recommended. My lunch went into the bin. It looked carcinogenic! "Hybrid" was generally used to describe a combination of two different species or elements. But now hybrid meetings and discussions have become so acceptable post-pandemic. It has been life changing for me. I had to learn to juggle between face-to-face meetings today, "zooming" in tomorrow and Hi-Five meetings next week. I am evolving.

I took a break from "evolution" and joined a qigong class in Ipoh for 2 days. 

Come, Be well is the tag line for Zhiren Qigong. 
Ohhh... the tagline spoke the truth. 
We put our bodies and minds into action from 8am - 10pm on day 1.
 Our luxury was our one hour lunch and dinner breaks. 
Tea breaks are unheard of in Asia. Whaaaat? Tea break? What is that? Go back to class now.
Day 2 was from 7am - 12 noon. The turn-up was good with about 50 young and mature registrants ready to evolve to be WELL.
The turn-up was so good, some had to practise in the surrounding gardens.
Oh, the moves may look simple but these pictures tell a different story. Ouch, can I put my hands down! 
 Laoshi (teachers) were at hand to give the finer points 
 to stronger bodies and minds. And also to "crack the whip" when the "students" faltered by the wayside! 
"Straighten those hands and roll the wrists."
"Push in those shoulders, 

lift up those palms. 

"Come on bounce, bounce, bounce on your toes and by the way, just have fun.

like Tecla.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022



The  handover of power from the British 65 years ago. This hibiscus (national flower) has two colours of our Malaysian flag. 

This speckled donut is much like our multiracial population. We come in different shapes, sizes and colour but we remain united in harmony. And everyone enjoys our National breakfast of coconut rice.

So on this public holiday, I have given myself permission to forget about house chores, exercise and work. 
Merdeka not only means independence, it is also means to be FREE.
And it looks like I am not the only one chillin'. Tecla is a purrfect fit in this bathroom basin.

Sunday, August 21, 2022



appears to be catching on here in Malaysia. It was introduced around year 2020 with the use of acrylic paints. This sounds like my kind of creativity as the best art piece I have ever produced was a cross-section of  the hibiscus flower. 
We were at POP by Jaya One last Saturday.  
An array of trendy artisan stalls participate every week end.
The most popular were the cakes, cookies and pastry stalls.  
Malaysia has been bestowed the title of "Sweetest Nation in Asia," but unfortunately not for the sweetest people! The prevalence of diabetes rose from 13.4% in 2015 to 18.3% in 2019, thus we have a ratio of one in five adults with diabetes. 

We also seem to have this craze for candles, the sweeter looking the better of course.  The only candles I have at home are tealights at the altar and they are scentless. 

These candles are lovely to look at but even without lighting them, their aroma is overpowering. Lots of art work at the POP were  eye-catching
but I am not too sure about wearing these beaded rings.
Crotchet flowers for "forever L♥VE.

OH NO, CANDLES as cup cakes, jellies, cream cookies and mini cakes. No wonder diabetes is a public health problem here. 
JOY at the POP
SO was Thory - Dog in a laundry basket.

Friday, July 29, 2022


We call our Whats app group "Travel Bugs." 

We are three work colleagues who became best friends. We used to go on "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" (Malaysian holidays) before Covid-19 disrupted our sojourns. We have not met for 2 1/2 years. Last Sunday was the MOTHER OF REUNIONS. "Aiyoh, you have put on weight," they said. "Yeah, all six pounds on my face and waist. 

We were off to Jack Creatus in Sri Kebangan, 32 km away. We had to use "WAZE" as it was in unchartered territories for us. After much "Are we lost? Why are we on this road? I think WAZE is taking a really round about route," we got there. Jack Creatus mainly sells woodwork items but we spent 3 hours in the succulent plant section.  Perri is the resident designer for many of the masterpieces.

With just a brush and  pot, he magically transforms single plants into  larger designs.

I bought this for my neighbour's 22nd wedding anniversary. I think my packaging/wrapping needs some tuition from Peri.
Moo Eng made Peri repot her selection twice before being a satisfied customer.

Peri takes succulents to greater heights. 
He cracks pots and then cleverly displays the succulent plants at step levels.