Thursday, June 23, 2022


 KUALA SEPETANG, a sleepy coastal town where the action is slow. Playing "candy crush" is probably the best sugar rush of the day.

This fishing village is about 74km from Ipoh, the capital of Perak in Malaysia.  

The residents make a living from catching and selling fresh and dried sea food. 

 Bumpy boat rides along the river  

and feeding the Brahminy Kites are main attractions that also bring income. When the boat man stopped to feed the eagles, there was not a single raptor in sight. We strained our eyes and asked, "where got eagles?" He cheekily answered, "they are waiting for my phone call!" 

And sure enough, when he sounded his horn, a soar of brahminy kites flew from trees along the river banks towards us. 

Boat rides go all the way out into the estuary leaving behind wooden houses, 

piers and boats

and mangrove swamps.

 The boat points into the mouth of the river 

 before finally entering the open salty waters.

Saturday, May 28, 2022


He's too lethargic to move. He just sits by the pond in the mornings and wishes he can be in the water swimming  with the koi. When afternoon temperatures reach 34 C, he sneaks under the bed for his afternoon siesta and does not emerge till he hears his dinner bowl clanging. The Met Department says this dry spell will continue till September. Mercy Me (Us)!

On rare occasions when Savvy K and See-Boy are not busy with work, they take him to Desa Park City which has a walking trail for pets. He is quite behaved when the car is in motion but when they stop at the traffic lights, he likes to show he is the Boss. Desa Park has an endless circuit and  large fields

 with plenty of other dogs moseying along. 

But Thory does not care much for making friends. He's not a snob, probably just too hot and thirsty.

He knows exactly when it is ice cream time for humans and sticks around like glue for some hopeful drips.

Friday, May 20, 2022


 all becos' I bought a BICYCLE.  This is the City Bike Elops IF 

that made me a STAR ✨ with the ladies in my "Taman" (neighbourhood) overnight. Getting a bicycle has always been on "my bucket list. " I think it is about TIME to really start striking out the items on my list as:

All I want is to ride in the mornings and evenings after doing chores. I did some googling and thought about buying the bike online. But after reading some reviews - self-assembly, bicycle parts dented, insufficient screws and bolts for assembly, bike seat missing etc! Opps ... NOT GOOD!So I physically tested one and bought from Decathlon in Sri Damansara. WOW, the constellation was in alignment that night. This RM 899 model went for RM 632 as it was a demo model. I bought a mini basket and a hazard flasher light. 

Took it for a spin the next day when I met my walking "kakis" (legs, but commonly refers to buddies).

 These "kakis" also do some lame zumba together in the mornings!

All of us have not been on a bike for over 30 years. But nevertheless every one demanded a ride to relive our youth!

Such is the excitement in our mundane lives!

This lively lass rode straight into the bushes.

We had to slowly extricate her without scratching my NEW bike!! Sorry, I am a mean "kaki" (buddy)! 

Ahh, it was a good morning, and to many more rides together.

Friday, May 13, 2022


It takes all types to make the world and the owner of these puppies is most cruel. He has this sprawling bungalow with, ..... wait a minute, .... a ROLLS ROYCE and a MERCEDES BENZ and yet he has left his four dogs and puppies to fend for themselves.
He apparently lives elsewhere and only checks on them occasionally. 
The puppies know little about road safety 
as they run across the road with cars and trucks whizzing past. 
There is a storm drain beside the house. The pups can easily fall in and not be able to climb out. During a thunderstorm, heaven forbid that they be washed away in the strong currents.
 Savvy K and her friend See-Boy were driving out to dinner one evening when they had a close hit with one pup in the middle of the road. Alamak, they saw another 4 puppies dawdling on the road verge! They gathered all the pups and put them behind the gate grills, but the rascals wriggled out pretty quick. 
 Thus, the Puppy Rescue Squad  (PRS) was formed. The PRS bought a roll of plastic fencing and cable ties, drove over again and fenced up the gaps at the bottom of the gate. 

They dumped the pups into See-boy's truck when the fence was under construction.
Oh, the rascals were ecstatic chasing each other in the innovative "play truck." 
Three days later, Sassy JAM joined the PRS. This time we drove over with a large bag of kibbles 

and water. The starving animals "wolfed down their meal. 
At last, we saw their bellies filled out.