Thursday, April 28, 2022


Why did the chicken NOT cross the road?

Because it was too busy BODY BUILDING!

"Ayam serama" as they are known in Malaysia, or internationally called Batam chickens are a special breed of ornamental chickens. These exorbitant priced chooks are NOT for the cooking pot. They are supermodels on the "chookwalk."

The name Bantam comes from a sea port in Indonesia where these chickens were described by European sailors. 
They have been around for so long, even deserving a mention in Marco Polo's journal. You can say they are miniature chickens as they are about one-quarter to one-fifth the size of their normal relatives. But what makes them different is their vibrant colours and vertical tail feathers. 
I was moseying around now that Malaysians are allowed to mosey around when some clucks and crowing disturbed my aimless saunter. Alamak, I had walked into some runway models strutting their stuff!

These Bantam roosters are treasured prize possessions, too precious to be allowed to do the activities of normal chickens. They are not allowed to roam freely and involve themselves in petty cock fights over hens for fear of loosing any feathers or getting battle scars. They are instead seriously trained to strut for the "chookwalk." 

 In Malaysia, "Ayam serama" can cost as much as RM 6000 ($1500) each. Training these chickens to show off their bodies is a hobby seriously taken by the men folk in the east coast of Malaysia. 

"Ayam serama" competitions are popular and the chickens are judged on their plumage colours and stance as they puff up their breasts (no silicon here, it is the real stuff). "Ayam serama" owners profess that their chickens have more personality than ordinary chickens. 

Thus, the chickens strut on table top runways in the same way as supermodels in a fashion show, to gain the attention and hence extra points from the judges.

 Strut your stuff and puff up that chest.

Friday, April 22, 2022


Eating Hot Pot food is like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have three choices to cook our meal, "Some like it MALA HOT (fiery and numbing)  

some like it flavourful with mushrooms 🍄 and some like it plain with winter melon or white raddish." 

Aeons ago when life was simpler, this used to be called steam bowl. A boiling pot of soup on a stove/hot plate was placed in the centre with many different types of sliced meat to be "thrown in" and then "fished out." No fuss! 

My mum made this often and we kids thought it was such fun to dip the meats in and out of the boiling soup. Note to add, it was not a Goldilocks' meal then as there was only one choice - Mama Bear's plain soup.

 Now steam boat has evolved to "fine dining" status where meats are aesthetically presented. The meats are sliced paper thin for instant cooking and  to infuse the different dipping sauces. If the hot pot does not burn you, the prices surely will!

 There is a whole array of sauces to mix from to produce a "bespoked" flavour. 

Veggies presented like floral decorations are not appreciated as they too go for a good scalding.

Presenting the "Goldilocks Combo Hotpot", a meal to satisfy a range of palates.

Monday, April 11, 2022


  At 32 degrees Celsius, it was a hot humid morning for gardening. But gardening I did. A simple task of just trimming my potted plants put me into a mass of sweat and itch from mozzie bites. I trimmed and chopped from 8.30am to 11.30 am and ended with 3 huge bags.

 Science says solids cannot be compressed but I proved science wrong as I squeezed, crushed and squashed a whole garden of waste. The plants finally looked refreshed just like how we look better after a good trim at the hair dresser. 

 Today is Monday, pick-up day for garden waste by the PJ City Council trucks. I worked fast to catch the trucks cos' I did not want the waste rotting outside for one week. 

The sun had no pity for me today. But I was too busy to bargain for Mr. sunshine to hide behind the clouds.

 I just slapped on more sunblock (SPF 50+ for maximum protection!) and my eyes stung as the sunblock mixed with sweat dribbled into my eyes. OUCH, but there was no stopping this intrepid busy bee.

As there was no peace for the wicked, I just ploughed through. 

Sadly, my forever faithful companion Thory abandoned me as he sought refuge under the bed. 

You really cannot get good help these days!