Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"Rangoli" or "kolam"is a floor art that is made from coloured rice grains and rice flour. The drawing is made by first having a design outlined by dots on the floor using rice flour or paste. The dots are then joined to form the full pattern. The painting is patiently filled in by pouring or sprinkling coloured grains within the patterns by hand. It is tedious and back breaking, but the product is a beautiful welcome "mat" at the entrance of the house.

During the celebration of Deepavali or Divali - the Festival of Lights celebrated by the Hindus, the kolam welcomes the Goddess Laxmi. This kolam was drawn at the entrance of a shopping centre during Deepavali which was celebrated last Saturday - 17th October. Depending artist's skill, the kolam can take a 3-Dimensional effect with the use of contrasting colours. The designs are intricate and flowers and the peacock are popular traditional rangoli designs.


  1. You do some wonderful things in your country. This latest is simply amazing. So much hard work, and so much beauty coming out of it. I am trying to imagine what it would feel like to place millions of rice grains in such an elaborate design.

  2. Truly the best yet! I am constantly amazed at the art and talent that surrounds you on the street.

    I couldn't be the artist though it would break my heart to sweep it up.

  3. Yes Carolyn, it is really sad when you have to sweep away the kolam cos they are not permanent art pieces. If I were the artist and I had done a kolam, I would have smeared the floor with super glue first to make sure the kolam lasts a long time. But I am lazy....

  4. Hi, Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. What a contrast your photos are to mine! These are absolutely beautiful, so full of colour. I must show these to my little girl, she always asks to see pictures of peacocks when I have the computer out!