Saturday, October 3, 2009


Traditional Chinese lanterns
Yesterday, October 3 was the Mid-Autum festival - a time for mooncake parties and lantern walks beneath the full moon. Unfortunately, we had to forget about the full moon as she got hidden behind a very cloudy night. We could only see her shadow trying very hard to peep out but unsuccessfully. The lantern walk was just as fun with many of the kids in the neighbourhood taking a stroll with all sorts of animals lighted up!

Mother hen
It's changing the candle time on the tarmac road. Extra candles, matches and a lighter are necessary for the lantern walk.

Modern aeroplane
Kids in the park lighting up

Monkey bars to hang the lantern display as the kids started something more interesting and dangerous - making a small bonfire in the park with dried leaves and candles.
Teddy bear
Even the DADS carried lanterns and it wasn't for their kids


  1. You do have some lovely traditions, Kestrel. I bet the youngsters enjoy it as much as the adults. I was a bit worried about the fire/dry leaves... and you did say it was dangerous.

  2. Very pretty lights. I love you blog, it lets me see into another world.