Tuesday, September 6, 2022

ZOOM meetings and Cooking

simultaneously is not recommended. My lunch went into the bin. It looked carcinogenic! "Hybrid" was generally used to describe a combination of two different species or elements. But now hybrid meetings and discussions have become so acceptable post-pandemic. It has been life changing for me. I had to learn to juggle between face-to-face meetings today, "zooming" in tomorrow and Hi-Five meetings next week. I am evolving.

I took a break from "evolution" and joined a qigong class in Ipoh for 2 days. 

Come, Be well is the tag line for Zhiren Qigong. 
Ohhh... the tagline spoke the truth. 
We put our bodies and minds into action from 8am - 10pm on day 1.
 Our luxury was our one hour lunch and dinner breaks. 
Tea breaks are unheard of in Asia. Whaaaat? Tea break? What is that? Go back to class now.
Day 2 was from 7am - 12 noon. The turn-up was good with about 50 young and mature registrants ready to evolve to be WELL.
The turn-up was so good, some had to practise in the surrounding gardens.
Oh, the moves may look simple but these pictures tell a different story. Ouch, can I put my hands down! 
 Laoshi (teachers) were at hand to give the finer points 
 to stronger bodies and minds. And also to "crack the whip" when the "students" faltered by the wayside! 
"Straighten those hands and roll the wrists."
"Push in those shoulders, 

lift up those palms. 

"Come on bounce, bounce, bounce on your toes and by the way, just have fun.

like Tecla.