Friday, August 28, 2020

WALK 5.39 km WITH ME

    RISE AND SHINE SASSY JAM, it is 6 am. Another day and another adventure begins. I now hit the road at 7.45 am to loose some belly fat and trim my gluteus maximus (buttocks). Gizmo Man and Savvy K are very rude, they call my glutes “frumpy jelly.”Always a "Good morning" to Su who we have named "Ms Chickadee" cos' she actually had 2 cockerels for pets. She planted her garden from the road up her driveway to her front door.

The “GREEN MILE.” This is where I begin every morning, uphill all the way.Pant.., I can do it! It is easier once I hit the corner, more trees and shade. I briskly walk pass the drumstick pods on the Moringa oleifera tree, mangoes, and bilimbi for prawn and "belimbing sambal."I turn into bird nest fern corridor.A quick update with Hilda and Fifa before I hit the back lane for another killer stretch passing my favourite house covered in shrubs. The back windows of this row of houses 

face the condominiums over the fence. 
Residents use this space in the back lane for growing pineapples,

and lots of screw pine leaves.  
Round a few more corners to the park 
where the brids hang out
Walk pass the Malaysian flag hoisted up for "Hari Merdeka" (Independence Day) this 31st August,  
stop to enjoy the music and line dancing group
pass the municipal council gardeners' bicycles and I am back at the Green Mile to start another round.
My last stretch  uphill and
at last I spy the lone pine tree. 
HOME, 5.39 km, 6,324 steps, 55 minutes 👍 .

Monday, August 24, 2020



"Were you constipated?", asked Gizmo Man. "Excuse me, the barrow was heavy!"

Here is the Real McCoy Ah Kiang showing how it's done.

I was only pretend farmer girl but I did learn about planting rock melons or cantaloupes on a commercial scale. NOPE, definitely not for me. It is way too HOT and I have to build up my biceps and triceps first. These farmers are STRONG and DEDICATED. 

No walking for us to the melon patch, I drove the red bus. Firstly, the rock melon flowers are TINY compared to the HUGE fruits. Melons on this commercial farm are not grown in the ground but start of as seedlings in bags of earth and continue growing in these bags. 

An organised system of water and nutrients is continuously pumped into the bags via tubes, so the farmers need not water the plants daily. Like an intravenous feed in patients! Very innovative.
As the melons get larger, they are wrapped in newspapers and tied with raffia strings to an overhanging support. 
Friends tell me to “smell” them to see if they are ripe for picking but I was told this does not work!
The test is in the eating. We picked our own cantaloupes, paid and took these kettle balls home. One family filled their sedan car boot with 30 cantaloupes. 
After pretend farmer, we went "amok" in the aquarium 
and then just  mosey along in the village.
All these were taken during my overnight trip to Bagan Sungei Burung. 
Sunflowers and cantaloupes are the latest attractions in this fishing village previously famous for their seafood and Blue Tears. 

Friday, August 21, 2020



        When sunflowers put on their sunglasses, it must be a SIZZLER out there. The rains have gone and the sun is in. 


But, OH MY… Moo Eng and I were still not prepared for supper humid days when we took an overnight trip to Bagan Sungei Burung in Perak. Yep, it felt like 40 C but we were way too excited to notice when we got there. This coastal fishing village is famous for its fresh fish products at way below city prices.  

It's going to be seafood galore this week for dinners  - my seafood purchase. This place has also morphed into a photographer's paradise with acres of sun flower fields.

Like everyone else (males included),  we were darting like bees  from one blooming  flower to another.

 Sunflowers make pretty good props and us city slickers were busy snapping photos in every possible pose.

Sunflowers as huge as dinner plates were just waiting to be photographed with me! But it is not fair as they
look much better than me. 
This little Missy got a little exhausted with all the "human pollinators." 
My sizzling day ended with a stunning evening. Residents of Bagan Sungei Burung are blessed with daily breathtaking sunsets. I don't need to fly interstate or travel miles anymore to witness the sun saying goodbye in its glorious way. This sunset is just a 2 1/2 hours drive from Petaling Jaya. 
Be quick, the sun doesn't wait for anyone. From 7 pm onwards and within 30 mins, it transforms from a blazing furnace blinding me,
to a golden more easy on the eye scene,

 to red brilliant glowing sky, 
to a perfect white ball of fire.
Just one more minute to sun down
and it is finally "SAYONARA." 
Hold the sun in your palm 
or share it together with a friend, it is always picture perfect.

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This is not a promotion, just to share a place close to home where we can "relak" during this new norm period.