Friday, October 30, 2009


Halloween is just not a Malaysian celebration but it has crossed International borders and arrived whether we like it or not. The shopping malls have quickly "cashed" in and set up Halloween corners.
Events like Creeky Door Knock, Halloween Family and Costume party will surely sell to the youngsters.
Freddy Krugger has left our nightmares and appeared in day light. He actually was quite friendly and tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I would like to photograph him.

The sweets and chocolates on sale.
How does a caricature drawing stall fit into Halloween. I guess, anything sells.
A Malaysian witch on the prowl.
MartianGirl went over to a friend's house to carve little pumpkins. We don't celebrate Halloween and I am not into her dressed as a ghoul. But, they had never carved pumpkins and it was something unusual for them. Their handicraft at night. I guess it's not too bad for a first attempt but I am sure in countries where Halloween is celebrated, pumpkin carving would be serious business. She wasn't scared at all. Maybe he was....


  1. Halloween isn't a big thing here is Australia but it is catching on ..

  2. I wish Halloween wasn't celebrated here. All this commercialism isn't good for us. As usual your pictures were good though and I enjoyed looking at them. I blogged my views on Halloween and Bonfire Night. The comments were interesting.

  3. I am okay with Halloween. We don't celebrate the devil or evil spirits. It is just a fun time of "dress-up" for the girls and "see how scary or gross we can be" for the boys. All in the name of fun and free candy. Until I was an Adult, I never knew some people consider it a evil time. We have never viewed it as bad.

    Love your pictures, as always.

  4. Wow.. Those pumpkins look rather scary! And those lanterns in the first & second photo are rather cool!! :)

  5. I love all the children's work. Thanks for your kind words.

  6. Halloween is just catching on here too! I was so scared of Freddy Krueger as a child so would have hated seeing him in the mall LOL

    Love the pumpkins, they did a great job!

  7. Pumpkin carving must be great fun. Looks like the kids had a blast at the mall.