Saturday, October 24, 2009


It is 6am on a Monday morning in Malaysia and I feel as grouchy as Smokey BBQ. The weekend was busy with grocery shopping and the usual running around getting things ready for this week. Saturday had 4 loads of laundry to be done. Started at 7 am with the first load of bedsheets, pillow and boster covers out by 8.30. Everything was dried by 12 noon. The morning started a little cloudy so it took a little longer for things to get dried. Second load was out at noon and dried in 2 hours (the temperature here is 28 - 30 degrees Celcius and with a slight breeze, everything dries super quick (including myself in the sun). We don't need a clothes drier in this climate. Third load was out and hanging by 2.30 and the fourth load by 4 pm. Everything washed and dried by 7pm. The sun is up by 7 every morning and sets at around 7pm, so we get lots of light if thunder storms stay away. I love living in this country, its shorts and T-shirts all day and I never have to waste time bundling up in winter woolies or getting frost bitten. The only bites I get here are from mosquitoes.

We had to get to the super market (usuallyTesco) for groceries on Saturday night. That took 2 hours, we had run out of everything from toilet paper to food. Sunday had only one laundry load. MartianGirl has at least 3 clothes changes everyday - pyjamas into the basket every morning, uniform in the basket after school and home clothes in the wash again every night when she changes into clean pyjamas. The humidity here is around
90 % so it can get very sweaty. I do at least two changes, thank goodness for sunny days.

Smokey BBQ looks angry and grouchy inspite of all the food (leaves) I have given him/her. The Catty Kims are getting fatter and 3 have already gone into pupae stage. They eat so much and my plants have become quite bald. This is the flowering plant that they love so much to munch on and all 10 caterpillars were found chewing up the leaves.


  1. You did have a busy day, no wonder you felt grouchy. The thought of all that washing would make me feel the same. You mentioned bites which is a 'sore' subject with me. Three ventures outside, three lots of bites, yes, in threes, straight through my clothes. This is a new thing, getting bites in autumn. Is Grouchy a pet now?

  2. mossie bites are so common here, i think we we are not even aware when we get attacked! Groughy (Smokey BBQ) was rescued from the plants as there were not much leaves left to eat. We have been gathering leaves from other similar plants and it has become a pupa now - maybe another 2 weeks of resting and it will morp to a butterfly. We have left the containers open now as they do not move anymore. This will let them fly off as soon as they turn into butterflies