Tuesday, September 29, 2020


       I had quite a surprise last Sunday when I was out grocery shopping in the mall. I kept hearing a continuous low whistling and I thought hmmm, someone’s not answering his/her phone. Lo and behold, it was a little Lutino cockatiel perched on a supermarket trolley.


         Here in Malaysia, pets are usually not allowed in public areas like shopping malls and parks. We can certainly take our dogs for walks (on a leash) or cats if one feels so incline, although I think cats are too dignified for this. I once spied my neighbour’s little boy taking his bunny Fluffy on a leash down the road.

      Yep, there was Luna free like a bird just watching the world go by, happy as a lark. Her owner Lili was enjoying breakfast in the corner. I walked over for a chat and pictures. 

         Ms Lili was well dressed and coiffured, so elegantly made up for a grocery run, unlike myself with hair like Tina Turner on a bad day. She got Luna to hop onto my finger. Luna was curious and hopped closer and closer to my face. 

       I was afraid she would peck me on the nose, but she just wanted to get a better look at my age spots! Then off they went, Luna and Lili into the supermarket. What a great pair of friends. 

     A noisy HELLO from COCO in Melbourne, Australia.


  1. Cuties one and all.
    And ALL much more elegant than I can muster - even on a good day.

    1. Yes, I am with you. My good days are still bad hair days, I can't even find my lip stick on any day

  2. hello, I loved this post, it has been the most interesting.
    by the way, I did not know your blog and I loved it, do you want us to follow each other in addition to reading? you already let me know 💜💜💜

  3. TQ for dropping in, I am following your interesting blog 👍🏿

  4. Hehe so cute 💚💛💜 Behaves better than my dog ​​hehe: D

  5. Aahhh oh my gosh that was TWO of my favorite pets! a cockatiel and samoyed! my dad own a samoyed and her name is Melly. and I've always wanted a cockatiel as pet since long time ago but I never really own a pet bird before so I'm a little afraidㅠㅠ