Sunday, September 20, 2020



       A feeling of resentment has been rising within me for some time now, like heart burn and on some days an anguish BURP STRUGGLING to emerge. Is the coronavirus pandemic maybe …. a PURGE? Unbelievable? But, just humour me a little. Could this be a NATURAL or an ALMIGHTY purge? 

       If it is natural, whose fault is it? Us HUMANS for being careless with our environment? The BATSI can’t imagine how they can be blamed. Or the now INFAMOUS COVID-19? It started as a benign coronavirus, then genetically mutated into a powerful malignant killing machine. It is like a CANCER, metastasising worldwide. Are we at Stage 1,  2 or 3 now? When will it reach TERMINAL? Ah, ROBOCOP, you are piss-weak by comparison. 

If it was an Almighty purge, then I have little faith in the Almighty as it appears the POOR and DEFENCELESS are punished more.

       THE WORLD IS GOING TO RETURN BETTER THAN NORMAL. Such encouraging tag lines are ricocheting in the media. Do you think THE WORLD WILL REALLY RETURN BETTER THAN NORMAL? Or is this yet another feel good "mantra." You know, don’t rock the boat baby! We talk of post pandemic changes and the new norms. But I feel the WORLD LANDSCAPE has changed way too much! Are we just moseying along for now. Can we really adjust to this NEW WORLD? 

  The collapse in tourism with countries starved of international visitors 
       has lead the hospitality industry to create new directions to survive.  We have learnt to obey 
                            ONE WAY FOOT TRAFFIC, 
                      while in the past this rule would have been met with “Follow this? My foot!” I don't need to pay a doctor to tell me I have a fever,
                I am automatically informed of my temperature during grocery shopping trips. This IS MOST  CONVENIENT!

Even the dating game 💑 has changed immensely with increased movement in Tinder and Hinge. 
          Swipe to the LEFT ⬅ ⬅ 💘
          Swipe to the RIGHT ➡➡ 😍, 
          Can't GO OUT, STAY AT HOME, WE CAN DATE ♥ VIA ZOOM! 🥰.

         Oh, the optimists will say, “treat this like a learning curve.” But I feel like a pessimist with nothing to get excited about. 

    Today, I feel like laundry hung out to dry, all creased from an hour long tumble wash, rinsed and spun.

           But I will STAY CALM AND CARRY ON.


  1. Oh yes.
    I worry. A lot.
    I fear that the new normal (whatever and whenever it appears) will be based on greed and self interest and that the gap between the have and the have nots will continue to grow.
    I hope I am wrong.
    And I turn to nature for comfort and solace.

  2. It appears the have nots are affected more severely. Many people are dependent on free food distributions and it is sad to read that their daily essentials are now not met.