Saturday, June 6, 2020



Nothing has gone more viral than Covid-19 itself (sorry for weak pun). Today, Saturday 6th June is the 80th day of our Movement Control Order (MCO) followed by Conditional MCO in Malaysia. We have been in total lock down and partial lock down since Wednesday 18th March.

          I remember Tuesday 17th March vividly. Our PM announced at 10 pm that a total lock down would be implemented for the next two weeks. Gismo Man called to tell me to get to the stores immediately. Savvy K, my niece Sheena and myself literally dashed out at 10.30 pm. There was no more more bread, instant noodles or eggs, and the shelves were already quite bare. Malaysians had already gone into panic mode before me. I only managed to get 3 cans of sardines, 2 cans of tuna and a few packets of biscuits. I wasn’t worried about toilet paper, I needed fresh food. But, luckily with the Covid-19 already in front page daily news, I had already bought some tin food, rice and oil. So this Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard was not entirely bare.

        We are almost into the second half of 2020. We have lived through much uncertainty. I never expected the world to shut down. We went through a touch of dystopia. It has been a little frightening for me. But, the coronavirus pandemic 2020 occurred at a time when we could still connect through our smart phones with our love ones, meetings and conferences could continue online,
Lions Club Petaling Jaya Metro meeting to discuss projects

   and  the internet brought the world into our living rooms with free online books, theatre performances and even exercise classes.

        Online Zumba introduced to me by Janice - puffing, wheezing, panting .. sorry, this 60+ year-old just cannot keep up.
          I would like to remember this period, not through the blaming and shaming of countries and governments about who created Covid-19, the anguish of reading the number of daily new cases,  or the "hijacking" of masks, ventilators and potential vaccines.  Yes, I will forever remember the numbers that succumbed to the virus, the front liners who risked their lives daily and the many more sad situations. But, we were NOT totally cut-off from the world. Humanity was able to maintain world-wide social connections throughout this period of darkness. This pictorial post is for the future generations to show them how life changed overnight:

Queueing with masks for groceries. Previously, I only knew this type of queues at flight check-in counters in airports, never at a supermarket. Sometimes, we had to queue for more than 30 minutes to maintain social distancing before we were allowed into supermarkets.

Panic buying at the beginning as we did not know if we'll be allowed out to shop, or worse if there will be food on the shelves.

Wearing masks has become the new NORM now. 

 I would NEVER want a shut down like this again, many have paid a heavy price.

Mr Tan Boon Hoe who fought and survived 53 days in ICU (16 days in a coma and 17 days with ventilator support)

Our Director-General of Health, the calm, clear and trustworthy Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, whose daily live press conferences on the Covid-19 situation kept Malaysians updated. 
Malaysians LISTENED and did stay home to save lives

                 Kind neighbours who made sure the cats were fed everyday 
My belief in a higher order and online Sunday masses were conducted at home.

Kids did e-learning at HOME for 80 days. Translation: Teacher "OK students, bring out your homework book." Student, "Teacher, I left my book at home."

HAIL ALL MOTHERS who also became Teachers, Chefs

and hair dressers.


 ALWAYS remember Easter 2020 

When dining-in was finally allowed, social distancing was implemented. The only times in my life I saw pictures similar to this were school examinations
I wonder it the animals understood pandemic 2020. 

On some days I felt like an orchid trapped in a paper weight. But, I am counting my blessings with a heart full of gratitude because during these most trying times, I have my friends, my qigong mates, my teachers and my family to walk this journey with me. 
Thank you Susmitha Yashodhar for suggesting this title, keep well, be happy and stay beautiful inside and outside as always.


  1. This is a truly lovely post. And very true.
    Our lockdown was softer than many, but I am so grateful (despite the inconveniences) that our Government insisted on it. Some lives have been lost, some families will grieve forever, but many, many fewer than was originally expected.
    I am endlessly grateful for the front line workers - all of them.

    1. Yes, if we ever had to tell the future generations abt this time, the front liners have been our saviours

  2. Had to use metric calulator to see Km vs mi. I am between 2 towns, about five miles from each. I am going to post on facebook page
    2019 stay away from Negative people
    2020 stay away from positive people

  3. I wonder what other changes will we have to face post covid-19, how would asymptomatic people be labelled, not positive or negative or neutral?

  4. an excellent read.
    a light hearted dig on covid19.

  5. Interesting reviews and later will be reading material for future generations that our earth has experienced a frightening virus attack.