Tuesday, June 23, 2020



 What will we do without FRIENDS? BLOOD is thicker than water, that’s why I have my family. But, sometimes I want someone to “hyperventilate” with, and have a good yarn. Who else but a friend will listen to me rambling about my past, present and future without rolling their eyeballs.

"Blah ... blah, and the berries on the other tree are sweeter."
I ruminate way too much about life. I need to hang out with my pals, just be free 
 wild and sassy 
        And occasionally have a 🍒BERRY🍒 good time.

 FRIENDS for different times of the Day? My 6.45 am walking partner 🚶‍♂️. Mary and I are out pounding the streets 6 days a week. Out with the dawn (street lamps are still on) for our 5 km exercise. I have substituted qigong with brisk walking since the lock down was relaxed. 
Mary is a walking cookbook. Her "mee siam" (Siamese noodles) is out of this world and her knowledge of meats and the different cuts for different dishes surpasses the butchers'. A real handy friend to have in hand!

Then I have the 3 Scientists (not 3 Stoogers OK!) going on holiday together as Travel Bugs, Kim, Moo Eng and I. 
Here we are at Pulau Sembilan, Perak to view the BLUE TEARS - a type of bioluminescence phytoplankton.
        We squabble, often without coming to any consensus. Our present argument is the origin of SARS-CoV-2. I believe it is from natural recombination, Kim is towards human intervention and has presented us with a collection of her conspiracy theories. Moo Eng thinks both are possible so she is our "referee" for the moment.
        We can do research for Q1 papers but we cannot SOS (Save Our Souls) in water. Here are two of us trying to look "gaya" (have style). But, how to snorkel when we were clinging on to the float most of the time ... ALAMAK.  
         We do better on land so here' we are on our hiking trails.

         I have Ah Con who always gets me into scrapes. She took me biking into the paddy fields in Langkawi. It should be made known that we haven't biked for over 40 years. We were kinda wobbly on the roads, worse when we cycled into the paddy fields on dirt roads. One minute Ah Con was in front of me, the next she had cycled right into a ditch. She rolled right in, lost her glasses in the running irrigation water and looked like a drown rat. 
          On another trip, she decided my soul needed some cleansing, so she dragged me on a yoga-meditation retreat in India for 5 days/4 nights. We had to wake up at 4 am daily, ate only vegetarian meals and were given only 2 meals a day to cleanse our bodies. I am not sure if my soul was purified, but I know I was HUNGRY all the time.

         Same with Savvy K when she has a bad day at work. She’ll be yelling for Thory from the gate, and he always rushes out to pounce on her. Then she will slump on the sofa, legs up and hold his "hand." She just “chills” as she unloads the day’s disasters, while her best friend just sits next to her and listens with his paw in hers. Thory really does listen patiently with offered paw.

         Some days, all we need is a good hug. It does not matter where we are or who is looking.
Just someone who understands that life can be daunting.

          And the best of friends know "Theirs not to question why, 
Theirs but to just sit beside you.

When you're down and troubled
And you need some love and care

And nothing, nothing is going right

Close your eyes and think of me

And soon I will be there

To brighten up even your darkest night

You just call out my name

And you know wherever I am
I'll come running, running, yeah, yeah, to see you again

Winter, spring, summer or fall

All you have to do is call

And I'll be there, yes, I will

Carole King; From her Tapestry Album 1971, Grammy Award for Song of the Year
Note: THANKS Lan Boey for the fantastic video of the hornbills, Acknowledgement goes to the naturalist who uploaded the hornbills on UVideo.


  1. Thank you so much.
    I LOVED the nature shots and videos - and envy you your friends.
    Many of mine have moved and I rarely see them.
    And yes, we do indeed all need friends. Furry and otherwise.