Friday, November 4, 2022

Deepavali Better late than Never

We celebrated the Festival of Lights about a week ago on 24th October. 

Colours are always vibrant for this festival celebrated by those of Hindu faith. 
Gizmo Man wanted curry for dinner. Aiyoh, cooking curry with all the pounding and blending of so many spices and chillies is always a nightmare for me.
 See Boy came to the rescue and cooked a rather BIG ikan merah (red snapper) head curry.
 I made a sothi (coconut tomato curry) and bought the fish head, roti (flat breads) and thosai (pancake of fermented ground black gram and rice).
 This family believes in "From the WOK to the TABLE," no need for fancy FOOD plating!
Savvy girl washed the dishes. Thory and Belle ate the scraps. It was a family effort.


  1. Good to hear you celebrated Deepavali, and it seems you had a wonderful day with all those colorful stuff! Have a nice week

  2. Oh very interesting celebrations
    Thanks for share it with us

  3. I miss Deepavali festival in malaysiaaa. Always full of colors and lights. Something that seldom to see in Indonesia. Honestly I knew this festival when studying in Penang. Becoz Deepavali is not common to celebrate. Only in some cities where Hindu is majority , for instance Bali.