Friday, November 11, 2022

GOOD FINDS on a morning walk.

 I keep saying the best things in life are free.... and I do mean it.  PERFECT circles made by insects or parasites. I need a pair compasses to draw these. In nature it is free style!

Morning glory 
and yam leaves to spit on. When we were kids before the ipad and smart phones became an inseparable part of us, we used to make big globs of spit onto these waxy leaves and twirl the leaves as fast as we could. The last kid with the spit blob still left on the leaf was CHAMPION! 
The abandoned playground as the pandemic kept the children indoors.
The rains are here and the storks are taking off for shelter. 


  1. EXCELLENT finds on your morning walk. Nature is an incredible artist and architect.

  2. Sorry to see the playground with no children.
    Perfect geometric work of the insects!
    Have a nice weekend :-)

  3. It is incredible to see what the insects do naturally. :) I laughed at your childhood game. I'd be no good, I can't spit worth a ...... spit! haha

  4. Your spit game sounds funny. These crafts are natural treasures, but what will eventually degrade?
    It's a rainy season for us also.

  5. melihat pemandangan storks diantara gedung dan langit yang berawan sangat indah kak...
    aku suka pola yang terdapat pada daun...dan tentunya suasana pagi yang basah...have a nice day ^^

  6. The insects can make perfectly round hole on the leaves 😁. Me, have to use Punch holder to make those holes 🤣.

    Love to see the photos kak.. gloomy but still beautiful. And Jakarta is heavy rain when I read this post 😄

  7. The soup looks good.
    Coffee is on and stay safe