Friday, July 29, 2022


We call our Whats app group "Travel Bugs." 

We are three work colleagues who became best friends. We used to go on "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" (Malaysian holidays) before Covid-19 disrupted our sojourns. We have not met for 2 1/2 years. Last Sunday was the MOTHER OF REUNIONS. "Aiyoh, you have put on weight," they said. "Yeah, all six pounds on my face and waist. 

We were off to Jack Creatus in Sri Kebangan, 32 km away. We had to use "WAZE" as it was in unchartered territories for us. After much "Are we lost? Why are we on this road? I think WAZE is taking a really round about route," we got there. Jack Creatus mainly sells woodwork items but we spent 3 hours in the succulent plant section.  Perri is the resident designer for many of the masterpieces.

With just a brush and  pot, he magically transforms single plants into  larger designs.

I bought this for my neighbour's 22nd wedding anniversary. I think my packaging/wrapping needs some tuition from Peri.
Moo Eng made Peri repot her selection twice before being a satisfied customer.

Peri takes succulents to greater heights. 
He cracks pots and then cleverly displays the succulent plants at step levels.


  1. Sound a lovely day out.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. What a wonderful outing. Perri's work is beautiful. How I wish we had him here. Much as I love our succulents they are not displayed to their best...

  3. Senang dan fun ya kak bisa holiday dan talking a walk sambil mencari gift untuk ulang tahun pernikahan tetangga. Tanaman hiasnya cantik sekali. Indah ditaruh di sudut sudut rumah dan memberikan kesan hijau yang menyejukkan mata. I like his design...agree that they are masterpiece ^^

  4. Wow, he really makes magic with those pots and succulent plants! Wish I could buy one.

  5. Oh my!! These are beautiful creations!! Succulents are adorable!