Tuesday, November 30, 2021


          One of my favourite places to visit is Bali. I find joy and peace in her beaches, culture, simple life styles and kind people. Sure, I can see they have challenges like the rest of us, but they seem to have attain some inner peace which eludes the rest of us. Perhaps it is their strong belief in their religion where about about 90% of the population practise Hinduism. 

     Every morning, the women will make offerings in a tray containing little plates weaved from coconut palms and filled with fragrant chopped screw-pine leaves and colourful balsam flower petals together with lighted joss sticks.

The offerings can be bought in the markets with the palm leave plates already filled with flowers or the items can be bought separately and put together later.
This little girl has already learnt the art of making the plates by cutting and shaping the palm leaves with the large blade. She is so young yet she has learnt how to handle the blade so carefully and expertly. When there is a need, kids grow up so quickly. Looking at her, I realise how protected city kids are with our kid-safe knives. 
In the markets, the ladies arrange the many different coloured flower petals in the palm leaf trays for sale which are quickly bought for the morning offerings.
The offerings can be placed in specific prayer areas,
by the roads just next to their shop lots, homesor at the entrance of their shops.
These offerings are carried out without fail every morning and the streets are lined with palm leaf trays, flower petals and joss sticks.


  1. If it works for them it's a great tradition to be carried on.

  2. That's true, looking at that little girl, holding a cutter, honestly make me worried she Will cut her fingers. Padahal, itu hanya ketakutan orang-orang yang ga pernah bisa percaya ke anaknya, kalau mereka good enough to learn something like using knife, scissors or cutter.

    Always love seeing the Bali cultures. Be careful not to tread on the offerings when walking. Oneday, I wanna bring my kids to Bali, and let Them learn about other different cultures in their own country. This is the way for Them to respect other religion , cultures and tradition, in order not to become Petty minded people.

  3. Starting each day offering things of beauty to others sounds like an excellent start to me.

  4. It sure a different world.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. bali.....hwa....i always miss my moment in Bali Kak...but i prefer visit Ubud then beach...and something in bali that i can forget is about kindly people too...their local culture and also wangi sesaji dari bunga kamboja dan asap dupa yang ada dimana mana...itu membuatku takjub akan sakralnga tanah pulau Dewata dan segala keindahannya....ah tindu ingin ke bali lagi..tapi ntah kapan bisa terbang lagi ke sana ^____^

  6. Oh very beautiful tradition darling
    Thanks for share with us

  7. There is a lot of interesting goods in that market. I would like to visit that place!
    Have a nice weekend 😀☀️

  8. what an amazing post to read. I love the faith they have in their religion. I've always been fond of Hinduism when I've read about it.