Tuesday, November 23, 2021


When I first moved into my present home, I had a narrow stretch of back yard and NO MONKEYS.  I decided on a pumpkin patch as I had bought half a pumpkin from Tesco for RM4 only. With pumpkin seeds and no idea of what to plant, the seeds were just thrown in and amazingly a pumpkin strip sprouted. 

 Only leaves on the pumpkin plants Pumpkin flowers bloomed.I never expected baby pumpkins, I was simply quite happy with the bright flowers. I never expected baby pumpkins, I was simply quite happy with the bright flowers.  But, they grew and grew ....
BIGGER and BIGGER clinging to the fence like speckled canon balls.
This pumpkin fence looked like Jack and the Beanstalk. Six pumpkins grew to full size, the remaining flowers or baby pumpkins dropped off with the rains. 
I gave them to my father-in-law, sister-in-law, neighbours and friends. I made pumpkin dessert, pumpkin soup and stir fries. Both Gismo Man and Savvy K were really excited with the pumpkin strip, but after eating the glorious fruit for weeks, they got quite depressed.

Thus, I cleared away the pumpkin plants and started a different set of greens.
Brinjal or egg plants,
bitter gourds 
and four angle beans.
Gizmo Man seeing my enthusiasm in gardening, gave me an assortment of gardening tools for our wedding anniversary. I was thinking of something a little bit more romantic. Gismo Man bought seeds for peas, capsicum, carrots and salad, stuff which I think were not suitable for this 30 - 35 C weather. 
As soon as the beans and gourds sprouted, the pests flew in. Gismo Man suggested using ginger, chilli or turmeric as natural pesticides (something he read but had NO intention of helping out). The chilli made my hands all hot, the turmeric stained them yellow and I got a back ache bent over pounding ginger juice. 
Does anyone know simpler-to-make natural fertilisers?

I shouldn't have complained as I did get to eat my own produce. But, the salad leaves were bitter and the okra (ladies fingers) so fibrous, Savvy K chewed until the rubber bands in her braces snapped. 

Pea, salad, chillie and tomato seedlings.

Now for some Covid-19 SOPs
Hmmm, the four people we had were delicious!


  1. Love the signs - and I am a big, big fan of pumpkin.
    Sadly I have not had much success with natural insect repellents. I hope some of your other readers have and can advise you (and me).

  2. Gardening is a lot of work! Every time I regret no longer having a vegetable garden I should reread your post and be happy as I trundle off to the farmers' market where for the investment of a few dollars I can return with a bag full of veggies. Think that's what I'll continue to do!

  3. I have heard neem oil would work well as natural pesticides due to its high bitterness. I have seen pumpkin plants growing and having flowers on the roadside but have never seen pumpkins grow on them. Your veggies look good! Keep up the gardening with the tools presented by your man.

  4. Pumpkins are fun to grow.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. I think that gardening tools are totally romantic. One year, Russell gave me a pruning saw and secateurs for Christmas and I was thrilled.

  6. By the way, you need to pick okra young, before it becomes fibrous.

  7. Oh so cute the pumpkins darling

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the announcements are sooo funny lah 😂. Better they Made them in Bahasa instead of campur-campur or using false English 😅.

    I looooove the bitter gourds, alias Pare in Indonesia. Dunno, what to call it in bahasa Melayu.

    Melihat labu nya tumbuh subur dan banyak, puas lah tuh, dibuat donut or soup. I prefer pumpkin donuts to regular donuts.

  9. LOLOLOL loved reading about Gizmo man and the rest - eating humans, lololol. fun post. But wow you grew some nice pumpkins.