Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Tua de Langkawi versus Tour de Langkawi

'tis was not the Tour de Langkawi but the Tua de Langkawi, "tua" in Bahasa Malaysia means old. And aptly so, as everyone was 60 years and above!! It started as a reunion for Sahoca College, Class of 73. Then some genius decided, "well, we have bicycles here in the resort, why don't we just cycle  to the Beach." I could feel the rush of …NOT adrenaline...but trepidation surging through the group instantaneously. But did we admit that most of us exercise by  sprawling out on our sofas? NOOO, was our pride as we gave a resounding, "What a great idea!!"

So Tua de Langkawi had an official wave off into the paddy fields for a warm up. A significant start as the Tour de France originated primarily from a French field.  

   Then came the real deal up the puny hills, I had to get off and push my bike. Oh.. my weak pathetic lungs, my bronchioles had constricted and it was not becos of asthma. To add more pain to my already tormented body, the fit “yellow jersey tua” oldies breezed pass ringing their bells giving us the thumbs up. After many rests at the bus stops, coconut water quenchers by the road side stall

I struggled, staggered and collapsed onto the beach, thankfully not beneath my bike. A buffet picnic on “menkuang” (screwpine leaves) mats was laid out for us. 

Tour de France, a 3,500 km race over 23 days, Tua de Langkawi was gruelling, 30km in one morning. Mercy Me, even my helmet fell off.

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