Friday, March 27, 2020

This Zoomer will steal the shirt off my back

   Ah Ahhh… my daughter was given this term of endearment “Martian Girl” when I started this blog in 2009. Then, she was a clueless but adorable teenager. 

   Fast forward to today, she is all grown up and sharp as a  whip. I have got to gift her a more relevant name. I think Savvy K is very apt.

   Just the other night during dinner, my delectable husband Gizmo Man (termed so in 2009 and still playing with his gadgets today so name change is unnecessary), popped a project to Savvy K, “Girl, I want you to create and manage a website for me to sell my collectibles online, I’ll give you 20% of the profits.” Remember it is MCO and Gizmo Man has been cleaning out 40 years of his precious gadgets and books. 

   I thought that was quite unfair, only 20% to create and manage his website? So mother dearest had to ensure that a fair deal was brokered, “Hey, that’s a bit low, you should give her at least 30% or more.”

   Without a blink of an eyelid, Savvy K replied, “Don’t worry mum, I am managing the site, I can even take 50% of profits as Daddy will not know what is happening and how much I actually sell his stuff for.”

You should have seen Gizmo Man’s eyes popping out and him choking on his lamb curry and rice!!

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