Thursday, March 26, 2020

Someone is gonna report me to Security

   Yep, it’ll happen sooner or later. Does walking around with a pair of binoculars hanging from my neck seem normal? What would you do if you saw a stranger peering with “bins” at your window, roof top, porch and fence.  

   Nothing? YES, at least you are on the same page as me. After all it is Day 10 of the Movement Control Order in Malaysia and people have done crazier stuff, like riding totally naked around town (viral on whats app). I mean Lady Godiva did the same on a horse but her lovely long tresses tumbled onto appropriate parts of her anatomy. 

   I assure you if you had not seen the video, this gentleman was stark naked on his motorbike! This blog is rated G, thus video of gentleman cannot be uploaded!!

   Sassy JAM (that’s what I call myself, JAM’s my initials).. get back to your story please and stop babbling like a babble. So at 7am I am out of the house with my “bins” (that’s what we serious birdwatchers call our binoculars). I can hear bird calls by 6.45 am when they summon me. They are tricky little buggers cos’ they hide in the tree foliage. You can hear ‘em, but you got to find them. And they do a darn good job of playing hide and seek.

   So the trick is, stand at one spot motionless and scan the trees where the music is, watch for the flutter of leaves and BINGO…you might just catch a babbler, sunbird, spiderhunter, woodpecker, bulbul, oriole or kingfisher

Pictures were taken from 2 bird books - Birds of Thailand by Michael Webster/Chew Yen Fook and A Guide to the Common Birds of Singapore published by Singapore Science Centre

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