Monday, April 20, 2009


Now I lay me
Down to study,
I pray the Lord I
Won't go nutty.

If I should fail to
Learn this stuff,
I pray the Lord
I will not flunk.

But if I do,
Don't pity me at all,
Just lay my bones
In the study hall.

Last minute revision on the stairs.
"I need to do this by myself."
" We need to chill."
"AHH..was that in the syallabus?"
"Help, explain that again."
"I am prepared."
"9 am...Jom..."
"Got to stay focussed."
Hand phones are not allowed into the examination hall.
Tell my Prof
I did my best,
Then pile my
Books upon my chest.

Now I lay me
Down to rest,
And pray I'll pass
Tomorrow's test.

If I should die before I wake
That's one less test I'll have to take.



  1. Sometimes I do miss student life... (only sometimes!). Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  2. Hey there! I am doing school right now.... and I'm going crazy! I am taking Microeconomics and it's killing me! ;) I wish I was taking it in person instead of online- It would be nice to have a teacher to ask questions to!