Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bunga Raya - Malaysia's National Flower

Bunga Raya - Malaysia's National Flower

USA has her Rose, Australia has the Golden Wattle, England has the Tudor Rose and Malaysia has her Bunga Raya, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. The brillant red colour symbolises bravery to face challenges and rapid economic growth. The 5 petals represent the five National Principles:
  1. Belief in God.
  2. Loyalty to King and Country.
  3. Supremacy of the Constitution.
  4. The Rule of Law.
  5. Mutual Respect and Good Social Behaviour.

The Bunga Raya comes in different colours and this symbolises the multi-racial population of the country where race, religion and culture differs but the people live in harmony as 1 Malaysia.


  1. These are beautiful flowers! Do they grow all over out there?

  2. Yes, they are very common as plants for hedges along roads and in the parks and gardens, so many varieties in different colours.

  3. Beautiful flowers. I just discovered a variety that will grow here in Virginia. Thanks for your comment!

    I have fond memories of the flowers from my childhood in Guam.