Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Archuleta ROCKS Malaysia

Rubbing shoulders, back and front with screaming fans was an unforgettable experience on a scorching 30 C April 12th Saturday afternoon. With the Sunway Lagoon amphitheatre bursting with "I love David" boys and girls, I felt like I was in an alternate universe. David Archuleta, the American Idol runner-up for 2008, had come to town (Malaysia).
My daughter, MartianGirl started a Battle of the Two Ds at home. It was David A (her) against David C (me). We had heard about nothing else for months and if there had been an examination on "The History of David Archuleta," MartianGirl would have scored a High Distinction.
DA was MartianGirl's first pop concert and being the responsible mother, I accompanied her. But, to be honest, DA has that clean-cut boyish personlaity I find very charming. The concert scheduled to start at 3pm, had DA storming the stage only at 4.30pm. By then, the crowd was impatient and very sweaty. The screams could have caused another tsunami if we had been closer to the sea. They waved their posters, "Janice loves David, Mrs Archuleta is here, This Girl crushes on David." They knew the songs, he played the key board, they sang along, he asked questions and they screamed for more. It was pure magic, one eighteen year old American uniting 6000 Malaysians.

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