Thursday, April 30, 2009

Neighbourhood Dogs

HELLO to Wizz, Auntie Breeze and Dare in UK

Name of pet: Chow Chow

Breed: Chow Chow

Name: Jo Vi
Breed: Australian Silky Terrier

Name: Curry
Breed: Labrador

Looks like Curry helped washed a neighbour's tyre.

Name: Gigi
Breed: Toy Poodle

Name: Clover
Breed: Beagle
Owner: Yati

Malaysians do love their dogs. These are some of the pets in my neighbourbood. I caught them while they were being taken for their walk in the mornings or evernings when the weather is cooler. It gets pretty hot from 9am to 6pm, close to 28 C - 30 C. I am sure the dogs do not mind but we owners do. Take a closer look at Jo Vi's owner with a plastic bag. We always pick up after our pets so they do not mess up the neighbourhood. Most dogs are leashed except for a few like Curry who walks around unsupervised . He is really friendly and is smart enough to find his way home.


  1. Some great looking dogs ! Much cooler here in England at the moment only 15C.

    Have a happy May Day weekend.

    Wizz :-)

  2. Hello Kestrel. I am sorry I wasn't able to reply your message immediately. I am kinda busy at work and also packing up my things for my visit in the Philippines for two weeks. Anyway, Bones is a Black Labrador Mix. We don't know what he is mix of but we were guessing its Great Dane because he is taller than a black lab. Oh...those dogs on the picture are really cute. I really, really love dogs. Any kind of Dogs. Well, if you don't hear from me I will be there in the Philippines. Take care always and Thank you.