Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daemon K9

MartianGirl and her best friend
"Let me in. I won't raid the fridge."
"I want those biscuits."

Daemon K9 and his sister, Snow Bell.

We LOVE dogs. We bought Daemon K9 and his sister, Snowbell for RM 400 each. In the movie "The Golden Compass," demons are paired with living creatures. The person's soul is not within the body but walks beside him in an animal form (demon). That's how Daemon K9 was named - my shadow as he follows me everywhere. Another more obvious reason for his name, he must have been born rabid as he attacks anything that moves, except the family.

Daemon K9 is a Japanese Spitz. He is a great watchdog and sleeps with MartianGirl every night. No one can stand outside her door without him sniffing and giving a low growl. But he has his odd habits and is quite demanding. At around 6 am every day (week ends, Christmas, New Year included), he must leave MartianGirl's room and come up stairs to the Master bedroom to continue his sleep next to my bed. Guess who has to wake up to let him in?

Daemon K9 and Snow Bell's arrival into the family

"I can't live on milk and puppy chow."


  1. What a fascinating blog! I love reading about life in Malaysia! Oh how I would love to travel the world over!
    Thanks for stopping by The Clan McLeod! As for homeschooling and running my life and blog...it isn't always easy but I take it one bite at a time! The girls are currently working on their language curriculum and are able to handle it independently, as they can most subjects now. So, I clean and sometimes blog while they are hard at work and I come to save the day when they have questions. In about an hour, we'll do some reading aloud for our history studies. 2 more weeks and we get summer break! YAHOO!!

  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    What adorable pups!! I just want to hug them:)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog, now I have seen a Japanese Spitz (even if not face to face)

    Wizz :-)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog!! I love it when new people stop by!!
    As for your question.. How I cope with kids and animals?? They blend really well! My girls all have their own animals and are old enough to care for some theirselves. I do oversee and check from time to time. But all 3 girls have something they are completely responsible for. They help with just about everything here.
    I do have to say though that we were use to a few animals when we started as in Dairy goats, chickens, rabbits, cats and dogs. Since moving to this farm last year it was a major adjustment. My husband helps alot with the big things but works at an outside job and is gone 12 hours a day. We are still in the trial and error stage of the larger farm. So we will see how well it blends as time goes on.
    But in my opinion kids and animals just go so well together. It teaches the kids responsibility,science,life skills and many other things..
    Your puppies are beautiful too! My girls are headed into teenage years at 12,11,&11 so I know what you are facing as well. I am just glad I have the privilige to teach them like I do.. We can go at our pace. I hope you have a wonderful day!! I will be back to visit your blog!!

  5. Your puppies are sooooo adorable. And MartianGirl is such a cutie!!
    Great post!!

  6. The puppies rock, but even better in your fridge is my fav chili sauce LOL MartianGirl is too cute;)Great blog..