Thursday, April 23, 2009


Why didn't the CHICKEN cross the road. Because it was too busy BODY BUILDING!
"Ayam serama" as they known in Malaysia, or internationally as Batam chickens are a special breed of ornamental chickens. The name Bantam comes from a sea port in Indonesia where these chickens were described by European sailors. They have been around so long, even deserving a mention in Marco Polo's journal. You can say they are minature chickens as they are about 0ne-quarter to one-fifth the size of normal "chooks." But what makes them different is their vibrant colours and vertical tail feathers.
The Bantam roosters do not go into cooking pots. They are too precious to be allowed to do the activities normal chickens do. In Malaysia, "Ayam serama" can cost as much as RM 6000 ($1500) each. Training these chickens to show off their bodies is a hobby seriously taken by the men folk in the east coast of Malaysia. "Ayam serama" competitions are popular and the chickens are judged on their plumage colours and stance as they puff up their breasts (chests?). "Ayam serama" owners profess that their chickens have more personality than ordinary chickens. Thus, the chickens also have to strut on table top cat walks in the same way as models in a fashion show, to gain the attention and hence extra points from the judges.


  1. Looks like he loves himself !

    Wizz :-)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Those chickens are handsome fellows.