Tuesday, February 7, 2023

JOM (let's go) to IPOH.

Thus began my early morning train ride at 8am, 
so early the maintenance crew was still wiping down the coaches! Not many passengers and note I was in my qigong uniform ready for immediate action. Seats were comfy. 
I was politely but uncomfortably seated like an upright lady (mum would have been proud) until a few stops into the journey when a very regular passenger (I guess) showed me how to really get comfy on the train. Sorry mum, I had to evolve too. I stuck my short legs out on top of my baggage into the passage way but did not block movement. My, what a difference in comfort level! Lots of construction to improve the tracks.

Ipoh railway station, an icon since 1894 when the original was first constructed. It still has the Moorish architecture with British India influence. 

Arrived at the qigong centre to a full practice of over 30 members. 

Although the practice stage is outdoors, the center was built with lots of greenery and orchids to bring temperatures down a little. Pitcher plants ... OUCH, don't eat my fingers!
Yellow Solandra Grandiflora - trumpet flowers


  1. I love the ambiance of the center, which seems to improve the practice. The Ipoh railway station is a great heritage, and it resembles our Ribbon building which is also the Chennai Corporation building.

  2. I'm sure Mom understands.
    Those flowers are gorgeous!

  3. the petals of terumpet flower look gigantic...suasana kereta yang sepi bisa untuk santai sejenak ya Kak, dan aku terpesona oleh sentuhan arsitektur stasiun kereta apinya dengan gaya Moorish architecture with British India influence. Cukul klasik jika dilihat dari tahun pembangunannya...^^

  4. Never been to Ipoh, but I'd love to 😍😍. I seldom take a train ride in Malaysia actually, usually choosing a bus. Once I got a good price of ticket to Malaysia, surely I'll include Ipoh in destination ❤️. Ipoh, Melaka dan JB.

  5. The word beautiful is befitting here and hence beautiful,.

  6. Good ride and some nice clicks

  7. Sometimes, finding the right level of comfort on public transportation can be a journey in itself. It's interesting how fellow passengers can provide insights on making the most of the space available. Adapting to different seating positions or strategies for comfort is all part of the evolving travel experience. It sounds like you found a more relaxed and comfortable arrangement on the train.