Wednesday, January 11, 2023


 At last, a wet land next to my housing estate has been designated a park. 

It used to be a lake but with poor maintenance and God-given sunny weather, the lake was consumed by the invasive water hyacinth plants. These plants can take over any area with water and turn it into a wetland faster than Speedy Gonzales. The entrance is lined with date trees like soldiers on a parade, 

and amazingly the security system is GEESE patrol. 

The painted storks have formed a colony here. 

So have the little herons, like this one hiding in the tree.

 Life must be just as challenging too for herons as they ponder on a fence. Here's three (arrowed) musing about life.
And as always, man will leave his mark.


  1. I agree with Elephant's Child.
    Your picture style is cool!!

  2. Good, they decided to preserve the wetland and its various species in the transformation of a park! Interesting perspective of the place in photos.

  3. Hahahahah geese always the best security patrol in the world 🤣🤣🤣. I remember, once being chased by them, and I was frightened to death 🤣. It was like a horror. As terrible as being chased by stray dog 😅