Thursday, June 23, 2022


 KUALA SEPETANG, a sleepy coastal town where the action is slow. Playing "candy crush" is probably the best sugar rush of the day.

This fishing village is about 74km from Ipoh, the capital of Perak in Malaysia.  

The residents make a living from catching and selling fresh and dried sea food. 

 Bumpy boat rides along the river  

and feeding the Brahminy Kites are main attractions that also bring income. When the boat man stopped to feed the eagles, there was not a single raptor in sight. We strained our eyes and asked, "where got eagles?" He cheekily answered, "they are waiting for my phone call!" 

And sure enough, when he sounded his horn, a soar of brahminy kites flew from trees along the river banks towards us. 

Boat rides go all the way out into the estuary leaving behind wooden houses, 

piers and boats

and mangrove swamps.

 The boat points into the mouth of the river 

 before finally entering the open salty waters.


  1. suasana siang yang cukup cerah dan bermatahari ya kak...aku juga suka main candy crush jika sendang santai sekedar pelepas penat dan mengisi waktu. Ikannya tampak segar karena berasal dari pancingan langsung. Kelihatannya setelah diolah nanti akan menghasilkan kudapan ikan yang menggiurkan. Reportase jalan jalan yang indah dan seru karena disertai dengan foto-foto. Have a nice day kak ^^

    1. Terima kasih, saya fikir ramai orang "addicted" to candy crush. Tempat ini memang segar dan aman

  2. LOVE that first shot.
    And would also love to see the kites being fed.

  3. It was a magnificent sight as the kites soared over the skies snapping up the food in mid air and others plunging into the waters.

  4. As you might imagine I would love to make this ride along the river to see Brahminy Kites. Such a great experience!

  5. What a beautiful fishing village! I'd like to enjoy a journey by boat through the river! People who live there are so lucky, as they can eat fish every day.
    Have a nice weekend, Kestrel :-)

  6. una escapada muy interesante, gracias por compartirla, me ha encantado verlo.

  7. Very interesting! I've never heard Brahminy Kites so thought of the stringed version. Haha 😄

  8. Pemandangannya keren bangeett. Liat burung2 terbang bebas di sana tanda alamnya masih bagus, dan ramah buat satwa2 berkeliaran di sana

  9. Candy crush is also my fav game 🤣. I hope can solve all the level till the highest, level 10,000 🤣🤣🤣.

    Love the sea village like this. Particularly they depend the income to fresh and dried seafood. So I'm quite sure the culinary of seafood must be delicious 🤤🤤

  10. The boatman's signal sounds intriguing, and it seems to be a beautiful day on the river, riding to the sea.