Monday, October 18, 2021


 The women in Bali need no  empowerment lessons. They were empowered before this word was coined. The word "empower" had been hanging around for quite some time, like since the 17th century. In 1848, Elizabeth Cady Stanton had tea with four friends and questioned, "How the republic would benefit with women playing more active roles in society?" This chit-chat become the impetus of a "revolution." Well actually not quite a rioting revolution, but the first public meeting for gender equality. 

 I believe the Balinese men are just as hard working. But, when I moved around the streets of Bali I marveled at the ladies. Dressed in their kamben (similar to the sarong), kebaya blouse very often in lace and sometimes with a waist sash (sabuk), they moved so effortlessly with their daily chores.
 Whether carrying prayer offerings for an "upacara" (ceremony), 
beginning the daily morning offerings,
 carrying impossible loads on their heads or

amazingly riding side saddle. They are LADIES WITH SUCH GRACE and OMPH!  
I caught some young ones at Sanur beach 
in more comfortable (to me) wear. 
When I returned home, 
I walked with a book on my head (it couldn't be that hard)

and sat side-saddle on a motor bike like women also in Vietnam and India. 
Alas, I failed miserably. The book fell off. I slid off the bike. OUCH!
I was born and bred a Malaysian, 
NOT a gracious svelte Balinese lady. 


  1. I can remember seeing Indian women on motorcycles. Sidesaddle. Often carrying a child AND groceries. I also remember seeing them digging roads while wearing beautiful saris. They were MUCH more graceful than I have ever been and I am sure that the Balinese women are too.

  2. Love this post - good to know about these empowered beautiful ladies. Wow. interesting to see and read. I loved your explanation at my blog of you with your sister(s)..? naming houses. I think we did that in our neighborhood when To Kill a Mockingbird came out. We had a house on our street like we imaginedn Boo had. Small midwest neighborhood in Kansas City.

  3. Hooray for these ladies. Hooray in fact for all the women all over the world, our wives, sisters, mothers, daughters. We salute you!

  4. The practice could make it possible! I have seen Balinese women on info channels and youtube videos, and I like their traditional way of dressing so graceful and with all the worshipping items carried away do adore. And I want to remark Bali women are beautiful. :)

  5. Mulheres fortes, poderosas e cheias de atitudes.

  6. I like comfort and simple as I age
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  7. Oh wow amazing post
    Thanks for share most about this culture

  8. How can those Balinese women carry such big loads on their heads⁉️ Of course, women have to play actives roles in their social environment ... I hope men in Bali do the same šŸ˜€
    I wouldn't mind to drive a motor bike with a sat side-saddle šŸ›µ
    Interesting post!
    Have a nice Sunday ☀️

  9. Hahahahah, walaupun saya juga Indonesian , tapi sayapun Amazed dengan balinese ladies ketika mereka membawa segala macam those heavy things on their head šŸ˜².. Tak ringan itu. Apalagi naik motorcycle dengan kemben, hahahaha I confirm pasti jatuh juga :D.

    Tapi memang wanita Bali terkenal kuat dan mandiri :). Itu yang saya suka dari mereka . Sayapun mungkin harus belajar dari para wanita2 Bali untuk bisa lebih mandiri dan tidak tergantung dengan orang lain :)

  10. I've been amazed and awed when I see pictures of these ladies carrying heavy loads on their heads with ease. Thanks for the chuckle, you and the book and bike. :) That would definitely be me too!

  11. It's great to see these photos - as you're right, women can do so much and we deserve to be treated a lot better than we are in some places! I couldn't balance a book on my head either, haha!

    Hope that your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue