Tuesday, July 20, 2021



“Nobody waters these plants, God waters them.” My mother-in-law would enlighten us whenever she saw plants in full bloom along public roads and highways. 

We readily nod in agreement although, sometimes the public works department (PWD) in their water trucks carry out “God’s job.” But one never argues with one’s mother-in-law!

Spider lily

I sometimes do wonder if my mother-in-law was indeed passing on pearls of wisdom. The PWD only waters those plants on the main roads and highways. 

Plants along roads inside housing estates are left to survive on their own. And yet, they bloom amazingly well. So I took a walk and found some "weeds” that ONLY GOD WATERS.

Allamanda wild beside a back lane
Allamandas are bushy shrubs 

but this one is sprouting quite happily up a tree branch.

I don't know what this lonely flower is called! Daisy?
"Bunga telang" or butterfly pea grows wild climbing fences.

Fragile like silk but I don't know the plant's name!
Jacaranda tree with mauve flowers and buds.
Bougainvillea grows into a large tree if planted in the ground. This brilliant tree was pictured by Choo KL on her walks.
God's left-over water after the rains.


  1. LOVE your 'weeds'. Thank you.
    And that final saying is one to remember. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful flowered "weed" thats for sharing.

  3. These weeds bloom continuously

  4. Nature fall and rises on its own.
    Lovely capture on the roadside bloom from your walk! That Bougainvillea is gorgeous.

    1. Jeevan, I was also very surprised at the bougainvillea, they normally are shrubs but this one just grew.

  5. I enjoyed seeing these plants that God waters. The photos area beautiful. I love Jacaranda trees - especially when you find a whole street lined with them that people have planted. i've been busy this year going around finding wildflowers to photography. Enjoy the coming weekend.