Sunday, August 9, 2009


Ubud was founded by Rsi Markandya, a Hindu priest from Java on his spiritual journey to Bali. Ubud may have come from the word "Wos," the name of a river in the area. The root word of "wos" is "usada" which also means Ubad (medicine) and the river was believed to have healing properties.

The market is really worth a visit with fruit, vegetable, clothes and handicraft already in display by 8.30 in the morning. Do a little bit of bargaining.

I never knew cinamon sticks were this long since the ones sold are only about 4 inches. The dark brown items in packets are vanilla beans where you can scrap the pods and get the natural pure flavour. Again, I always figured vanilla was an artificial falvouring and had only seen it in bottles in the cake isle in supermarkets.

The spice shop with cloves, vanilla beans, saffron, tumeric, cardamon and a whole lot more that I wouldn't know what to do with.

Chillies and garlic anyone?


  1. Thats one colourful market. I can almost smell the spices ;-)

    Wizz :-)

  2. I love your blog!! The Photo's are amazing! How I wish I could see these wonderful sights myself!!

  3. Oh my that looks absolutely Wonderful!! The vanilla beans you take 3-4 beans per quart of some thing like Vodka or another taste less alcohol and add beans to it and let it set for 6+months in a dark place and You have vanilla flavoring. REAL vanilla! Takes about half of what you buy in the stores and taste so much better!! Those beans look much better then anything we get here! And its expensive!!
    Tumeric is good for you to add a little to rice, meat or eggs a little something everyday and it helps! I am thinking its good for your joints but cant find it right now..
    Oh and the Garlic!! That is used just about everyday here!! LOVE it!
    Great pics and post!!

  4. Wow, do I feel sheltered here in the US. This looks like a really fun market to enjoy! Much more fun than Wal-Mart!

  5. Yes, the market is really colourful and full of spices. Vanilla beans are very expensive in Australia and M'sia too but they were really cheap in Ubud. Most of the tourists buy many packets to take home. Thanks for the recipe for real vanilla, I better get it done soon since I have to wait 6 months. I agree that wet markets like these beat the dry markets (supermarkets) anytime and things are cheaper in wet markets too.