Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hinduism is the main religion of the Balinese. Every morning, the women will make offerings in a tray containing little plates weaved from coconut palms and filled with fragrant chopped screw-pine leaves and colourful balsam flower petals together with lighted joss sticks.

The offerings can be bought in the markets with the palm leave plates already filled with flowers or the items can be bought separately and put together later.
This little girl has already learnt the art of making the plates by cutting and shaping the palm leaves with the large blade. She is so young yet she has learnt how to handle the large blade so carefully. When there is a need, kids grow up so quickly. Looking at her, I realise I am too protective with MartianGirl who has only recently started to chop and cut fruits and vegetables. And I am still wary when she handles the kitchen knife.
In the markets, the ladies arrange the many different coloured clower petals in the palm leaf trays for sale in the morning. The trays are quickly bought for the morning offerings.
The offerings can be made in specific prayer areas,
by the roads just next to their shoplots, homes or at the entrance of ther shops.
These offerings are carried out without fail every morning and the roads and streets are lined with palm leaf trays, flower petals and joss sticks.


  1. It is amazing seeing the offerings everywhere and how devoted the Balinese are to their traditions.