Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Women dressed in traditional Balinese clothing walking to a temple festival. The women wear lovely transparent lace tops with a sarong and a sash. Many of the women are svelte with hour glass figures and they look really great with their hair tied back into a neat bun. Busy making handicraft at her beach front shop.

Balinese ladies sit side saddle style so gracefully on motorbikes just like the women in India and Vietnam. In Malaysia, we sit with our legs across like the drivers. If I had to sit side saddle style, I would look pretty graceful but I would slide off as soon as the motor bike moved.

Young ladies on a trip to Sanur Beach.

Teenages catching the sun set in Sanur Beach.
On the way to a temple ceremony.

The Balinese women are fantastic as they can balance large loads on their heads.

Young ladies on their way to work. After my trip to Bali, I have started exercising to get some shape back. It will take some time before I look as good as the 2 young beauties but at least I have started.


  1. I love the traditional clothes they are so pretty! I am with you on the falling off the back of the bike!!
    I guess the balaincing is one way of freeing up your hands.. Of course I would probably tilt to one side and everything would come crashing down around me! Great post!!

  2. Great pictures. Good luck getting into shape :-)