Friday, August 28, 2009


My neighbour, Jeanny, is fantastic. She enjoys baking and frequently attends classes to improve her skills. This is her work after going for a cake decoration course where they learnt to make roses, pansies, chrysanthenums and many other different types of flowers. This was one of her examination pieces - a flower basket. I think she should graduate with distinction.
She gave us the cake after the grading. I just couldn't cut up the masterpiece so I brought it to work and showed every one in the office. We eventually cut it by evening for tea break and it tasted better than it looked. MartianGirl and GismoMan were really mad with me cos' I did not allow them to cut the cake at home, and to make things worse, there's wasn't any left to bring home for them to eat. They called me "Rampas Queen" - Snatch Queen for snatching the cake from right under their noses and running away with it in the morning.
Living in a township where the houses are just next to each other is tricky. It gets trickier (if they is such a word) when neighbours do not talk to each other. In my previous township where I lived for 10 years, I actually did not know who my neighbours on my right side were cos' they never wanted to be friends. MartianGirl and the front neighbours' kids played in the evenings, I had some good chats from my kitchen with the back neighbour and Mr Goh, my left neighbour came over to pay his respects when my dad passed away. These neighbours came over when a male intruder, high from sniffing glue climbed the gate and entered my compound. In fact, it was my neighbours kids' shouting and screaming at the intruder that alerted me to call the police. The front neighbour even left work and came home when his son rang to inform him that some guy had climed into my house. He came over immediatley to check if everything was OK. I do miss them all.
I moved to this new township only about 1 1/2 years ago. I am good friends with the left and right side neighbours and we have had dinners with each other. However, the ones in front keep to themselves and have not responded to my nice sunny smiles. I think I will actually be rude and start talking!! Living next door to Jeanie has its advantages - imagine having apple pies, cheese cakes, cup cakes, fruit cakes and chocolate cakes delivered through the back gate.

Nigella bites but Jeanie rocks!!


  1. Yummy!!! She does great with flowers!! I hear you on the neighbors... I have had bad and good... I like the friendly but not to nosey that become good friends!!

  2. Wow! The flower basket cake is fantastic. I hope your friend got good marks. It must be nice to be so talented. Neighbours here are very withdrawn, I never see the ones on the right. People in the rest of the road could be living in a foreign land for all we see them.

  3. Wow she did a fantastic job. How I wish I am a good cook but eventhough I am trying (but not hard enough) but it always ended up "disaster". I think my beauty is not in the kitchen, maybe its for tasting foods.....hehehhe...I love eating.

    Thanks for your comments always and for dropping by. Take care and enjoy your weekend.

  4. Neighbours over here tend to be withdrawn too, I am just very lucky to have friendly ones on both sides. Most times, just like you Val, i do not meet the other neighbours down the road, I talk more with their kids as they cycle by or play in the play ground.