Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Kites all strung up for sale
The kite sellers having a game of football while waiting for customers
Ultraman is popular with Malaysian kids
Doraemon is another hot favourite (top right)
Kung Fu Panda
The kites do their own advertising between trees
Never under estimate Spiderman, he is universal
I spotted these kites all strung up between two trees in a field just next to the main road while driving home from work. Obviously, they were for sale, but there was no one around to take orders. Two young men were kicking a football in the field a few meters away and as soon as I got near the kites, they came running, "Auntie, nak beli layang-layang. Translated "beli" - buy and "layang-layang" - kites. These kites are different from the usual diamond shaped ones. The frame of the kite is made from bamboo filled in with thin plastic with a colourful "tail."

I bought one for MartianGirl for RM 15 (US$4). We haven't had time to go kite flying as yet, will get around to it one windy day. The weather is really hot now with very little rain. After taking the photos and getting back into the car, I was really drenched in sweat (ugh...sorry). The inter-monsson rains should start soon in mid-May and that means it will rain almost every evening just around the time we clock off from work. The rains will cool us down but the traffic jams and bumper-to-bumper traffic caused by the thunderstorms will bring the temperatures up again. What do I do - close my eyes and meditate in the car!!


  1. Beautiful photos and quite poetic I think.

    I'm sure you had a great day in the park.

  2. What fabulous kites, so colourful and gay. Your photographs were worth seeing. Kites in the UK are nowhere near as decorative.... pretty boring actually.