Friday, May 8, 2009


Dog rescue in Pulau Tengah
Abandoned dogs looking out from behind the mangrove swamp. Hope going to her new home with Sabrina Yeap, director of Furry Friends Farm.
About 400 dogs have been surviving on their own on an uninhabited island (Pulau Tengah) for about one month. The dogs were rounded up by residents on another island, Pulau Ketam (Pulau-Island, Ketam-Crab) just off the west coast of Malaysia. The strays were then transported to Pulau Tengah. The residents felt they had to move the dogs as they would bite their children and often mess up the platforms of their houses built on stilts above the sea. They also felt they were doing a kind act as they did not agree with the extermination techniques used to keep the dog population down in their island.

Abandoned dogs scared of people
Two more dogs rescued by SPCA
Animal activist, Sabrina Yeap and a relief team from the SPCA were at the island on Wednesday 6 May. Only two dogs were rescued inspite of the SPCA coaxing them with food. The other dogs fled further into the island. Another problem is that Pulau Tengah is surrounded by mangrove swamps where the mangrove roots make entry into the island very difficult. Sabrina rescued one dog trapped in mud and she will return to rescue as many more as possible for rehabilitation in her animal sanctuary, Furry Friends Farm. Food and water have been place on the island for the remaing dogs as plans are made for more rescue missions. The SPCA is looking into setting up a temporary dog shelter, and a trap, neuther and release (TNR) programme has also been suggested to keep the stray dog population low in Pulau Ketam.

Photographs taken from THE STAR Newspaper.


  1. I always worry about dogs. I think it should be made more difficult to get a dog in the first place, perhaps then there would be fewer abandoned ones. We have a saying in the UK.... a dog is for life, not for Christmas.

  2. The saying I quoted should read ... a dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

  3. Yes, its so true and not only dogs but hamsters, kittens and other cute pets. It is difficult when kids are given animals as presents and parents expect them to be responsible, it is just too much responsibility for the little ones.

  4. I read about this it was reported in the press over here as well.

    Very sad, but glad some people are trying to help.

    Wizz :-)

  5. Its so sad that many animals suffered because of human negligence and cruelty. Many people love animals specially dogs, cats, etc. but there were people also thats ruthless and did not care at all. I feel sad for this poor animals. I hope someday they will be rescued and find a loving and forever homes.