Sunday, January 24, 2010


Pictures taken from the internet, many thanks to the photographer who posted them.
It is amazing that this young man would risk his life to rescue a dog that does not belong to him. He could have been washed out by the choppy waters or even caught pneumonia after. Judging by the coats and sweaters the other people were wearing, it looked like a cold and windy day. While everyone else was looking scared and sorry for the dog, he just nonchalantly stripped down and climbed over the rails. That was the picture I liked most in this series - it was as though saving the dog was something he had to do that day.
After seeing these pictures, I reflected on how much or often I had REALLY GONE OUT out of my way to help someone. I have out of reflex action, jump up from my seat on the bus or train to offer to an older person or one with children, help ladies carry heavy boxes to their cars, given money to strangers at the auto-pay stations when they had no small change to pay their parking tickets, taken strangers right to the correct clinics when they ask for directions in the hospital and carried a lost dog back to its owner when I found it lost and wandering away from home.
But these are the normal gestures that all of us will offer to strangers as we have been brought up to respect and help others.
But I had never risk my life for someone else or for an animal. I wonder if I would ever do it if such a situation arises?


  1. he is indeed a lucky dog whom being rescued by a brave, kindhearted man. Hope there are still a lot of people out there who are willing to help even to those who can't give them back.

  2. What a brave and kind man. Seems like it was the dogs lucky day that that guy was passing by. It looks freezing. Yes, there are still many many people in the world that think of others before themselves.

  3. What a heart warming set of photos.....and a beautiful pooch. It's nice to remember there are a lot of people who still but others first. Like you say, it's the way we were brought up, but sometimes it feels like swimming against the tide.