Tuesday, December 8, 2009


During the months between November and January, the North East Monsoon blows into the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia. The Monsoon crosses the South China Sea and brings almost continuous thunderstorms. Strong winds, rough seas and heavy rains are just going to worsen the floods. A family in Kuantan looking out into their frontyard where the flood waters have not receded Secondary school girls walk on school benches to get to classes. School still goes on as the major examinations are held in November. Note the teacher keeping a eye on the grils as they move along.
Store owners stacking their goods. Note the bags of supplies and goods tied to the ceiling of their shop.
Floods or not, it's time to take a break and just watch television The 13 year old boy is missing and rescuers have been wading in the waters looking for him "Bomba" (fire brigade) on duty during the night
Mr Ismail Wan Chick, 46, leading his cow to a drier area
There are a total of 2,205 evacuees in flood relief centres (schools that serve as shelters now that it is the school holidays) Azhar Osman, 47 saving his chickens after his home was flooded by overflowing waters from Sungei Pahang (Pahang river).
Secondary school girls wading in flood waters to school
Nur Ain Syafika Riduan revises for her examination while Samihah Mohamad Afandi makes a phone call home to her dad to update him on the flood situation in their school. These girls attend school that is far away from their homes, thus they live in a dormitory near their school. Poor girls, their dormitory was flooded and they had to be evacuated to another school.
All pictures on this post were photographed from Star - The people's paper


  1. Wow that is a lot of water!
    If it happens yearly I guess they are more able to adapt to it than we would be. If we have water over a few roads school here is closed. Hope it goes down soon

  2. That is devastation....love that you showed some animal rescues :-)

  3. These poor people must have their lives turned upside down every year with the monsoons. It must take weeks / months for water on this scale to clear away. I think the rest of the world is going to see a lot more of this kind of weather over the coming years too.

  4. Surprising, the water clears in a week or less if the rain stops. Life and examinations still goes on inspite of the floods every year. The people in the East Coast are really resilient and I admire their preserverance. You are right that our world will be seeing more chaotic weather