Sunday, December 27, 2009


I have always wanted a daughter to be the eldest child and a daughter even if I have only one. God surely did listen to me as a daughter I got. Boys are wonderful and I have two elder brothers who have always watched out for me. My eldest brother was one naughty boy and my mum had to deal with skipping school, running away to the army (and then he showed up one morning after pranking a discharge), motor bikes and late nights. My second brother was the opposite - good grades, always helping around the house and a reliable man of the house when my dad was transferred to another state for work.
I have nightmares just looking at the pictures!
It must be the hormonal surge!
This is the curiosity surge - too young for hormonal!
Give me a costume and I will play the part.
Nooo... please...
The zoom function really works
I don't know what to say about this one except ALAMAK (Malaysian expletive)!
Creative creatures
To mothers with sons - I salute you all cos I think it is a tougher job than having girls but correct me if I am wrong.


  1. I am SOOOO Happy for my girls!! I have 2 nephews and wow! Lol Love them to death but I am glad they are not nephews not sons!lol Boys seem to be born with a Look at me the big strong Boy gene that doesnt change much when they get older!I see it in my husband alot!Lol
    My girls are active and get in their fair share of trouble but nothing like some of the boys I know!
    Some people think girls are harder but Give me a room full of Hormonal teen girls anyday... Well most days!!lol

  2. My little boy certainly keeps me on my toes! Ai! Love the photos! I won't let Harry see them lest he gets any ideas :)

  3. I'm having second thoughts about boys! I have a stepdaughter who is wonderful but boys.... Nah! I've definitely gone off them.
    The sometimes weird pictures gave me a laugh.
    Thanks for visiting the old blog, Kestrel. I hope you noticed that (of necessity) I've moved to 'A Mixed Bag' ... to be found on my profile. Hope you can catch up with me there. Happy New Year.

  4. Boys are a different breed. I grew up with only one sister, now that I have two of my own I am constantly surprised at their antics. But I wouldn't be without them :)

  5. This is too funny....I love it.