Sunday, November 29, 2009


Anyone for a meal of stir-fried grass hoppers with basil leaves
... my friend bought a packet and said it was quite crunchy and tasty
This must be the elixir of life in Laos - wine with cobra

For an even stronger dose - wine with cobra biting another snake
For a triple dose - wine with cobra biting a scorpion and another snake coiled in the bottle
This is nothing after seeing those wine bottles - just boiled chicken and spare parts (also known as entrails in the West) knotted together
There is a vast variety of roots, bark and dried plant parts to "cure" any ailments
All sorts of horns, tusks and bones for good health
Laos offers an incredible source of natural products to "cure" ailments. I am sure they work as the markets are filled with bones, bark, roots and dried fruits. Just name your ailment and you will be sold a concoction of herbs to boil for drinking or to apply to the body. Traditional therapy is a way of life the people accept. I am sure it works, just not scientifically proven as yet.


  1. Wine with Cobra!!? It's like something out of a horror movie!!

  2. What are you trying to do to me, Kestrel. I shy away from all those things, even when they're bottled. I do buy dried mealworm for the birds but won't handle them. Ugh!

  3. What the!!!!!!
    I have never seen or heard of such things...OMG!!!

  4. Sorry... I was a bit surprised too even though i grew up with some of these food. But I sure did not try the crickets or spare parts.

  5. I'm a bit nauseous now! Mainly the grasshopper thing. Those things give me the willies to just look at. No way I'd ever eat them. EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!