Friday, November 20, 2009


We were in Laos during the first week of November for a short educational trip. Laos is surrounded by Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar (formerly Burma), Thailand and China. Compared to its neighbours, Laos only recently opened up to tourists in 1988, thus it has maintained its "old" look and remains one of the few Asian countries unspoilt by rapid development and tourist influences. The capital Vientiane can be covered on foot and it was fun to detour into the little quiet roads and observe the people.
We took a ride to Buddha Park, about 40 minutes from Vientiane, a sprawling area with over 200 statues towering us, a place to walk and enjoy the fresh air. The Mekong River meanders at the peripheral and Thailand is just across. One structure towers 3 storeys high in the park and one starts in Hell, climb narrrow steps to Earth before seeing daylight in Heaven. It is not for people afraid of heights and only 4 of us in the group of 9 dared to brave Hell to reach Heaven.
We were in the jaws of Death - HELL
The path to Heaven is littered with challenges and how true as we climed narow steep cement steps higher and higher in darkness
Light at the end of the tunnel and we enter Heaven.
The 40 metre high reclinning Buddha as seen from Heaven
The statue of Buddha with many arms
After having seen Heaven, we still had to come down to Hell and continue with life as before. SIGH, there is really no short cuts to Heaven for us mortals
If in Vientiane, this is a worthy visit.


  1. That looks amazing. What an adventure. I can't imagine going to Vientiane Laos. Someday I will visit the east.

  2. Hi there Kestrel. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely to have a follower in Malaysia. Really enjoyed seeing your photographs from Laos. Great picture in the jaws of Death. Looks such a beautiful place to visit. I shall pop back to see more from you.

  3. You were brave climbing those narrow steps but they do say all steps lead to heaven. Thanks Kestrel, for another interesting post.

  4. Heaven looks good :-)

    What a beautiful view....