Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The locals at Sanur Beach, Bali, Indonesia doing yoga at sunrise. This is what living should be - exercising in the fresh air and to the sound of pounding waves. At sunrise, I am already stuck in traffic jams while driving MartianGirl to school and rushing to clock in at work by 8am. It was a surprise catching this scene on a recent trip to Bali. Some came walking and others on bicycles.
We rolled out our hotel towels in the sand and stretched our creaky stiff city bones. The class was conducted in Bahasa Indonesian but we could sort of follow by example. My muscles were stretched as I tried so hard to follow the Bird, Snake,Lotus, Hare and many more unbelievable postures. The instructors had to prop me up as I was quite out of balance and falling to the left and right. Imagine, keeping my legs right up pointing to the sky and supporting my entire body on the shoulders. Come on people, make me feel better and tell me this is simply not natural. I couldn't get them up and it's not my fault cos' gravity was pulling my thunder thighs (that's what MartianGirl calls them) right down. Issac Newton's law of gravity states that every thing that goes UP must come DOWN!



  1. I am definitely not doing yoga in the morning!! lol I am usually getting everyone up and going to take care of things. Of course I am not fighting traffic(TY God! lol) My poor husband gets that end of things everyday...
    I would probably have a hard time balancing my whole body on my shoulders too!!

  2. lovely sky pictures, much nicer than the skys we have at the moment ;-)

    Wizz :-)

  3. I love Sanur Beach...beautiful pictures.

  4. Wonderful pictures with breathless background! Particularly the second one.
    Great sky.