Monday, October 26, 2009


These cute floral (soft animal?) arrangements are popular gifts on graduation days. In the past, graduation bears wearing motar boards were the in-thing, but as MartianGirl says, "they are so last season." These squirrels with their large eyes and wide smiles are pretty irresitible with the lovely packaging.
These girls are of Malay ethnic origin and the graduates usually wear head scarfs that colour coordinate with the colour on their graduation gowns. The colours differ from one faculty to another and on any one graduation ceremony, there will be greens, blues, mauve and silvers moving around.
Graduation week takes on a fun fair and carnival atmosphere with many stalls that "mushroom" overnight to sell food, drinks, trinklets and flowers.
Mini or Mickey in grauation outfit?? I can't figure out the gender.
The undergraduates set up stalls and the profits support their activities on Campus. The University does give out grants for various student activities, but the extra money means the Societies can have more projects throughout the semesters.


  1. I really like the colourful atmosphere portrayed in your post. It's delightfully informative too. Do the students make their own arrangements?

  2. Yes, the students manage the stalls and bring the food and other items to sell. They come up with their own business plans deciding on the prices, advertising and display. Working in teams and trying hard to make profits for their societies builds a lot of confidence and allows them to form lasting bonds.

  3. Those animal arrangements are adorable!!
    Thank You for your kind words on my blog! :) x