Sunday, September 13, 2009


Only leaves on the pumpkin plant Pumpkin flowers on the fenceBaby pumpkin starting to grow GROWING BIGGER...
This pumpkin fence started like Jack and the Beanstalk, only it did not grow overnight up to the sky but took about 2 months . I bought a pumpkin from Tesco supermarket for about RM6. Made some stir-fried pumpkin with coconut milk and washed and dried the seeds. Dug a little trough next to the fence in the back lane and spread all the pumpkin seeds inside. I must have planted about 25 seeds or more and only 2 grew. Six pumplins grew to full size, the remaining flowers fell off or the baby pumpkins dropped off after some time. I gave one to my father-in-law, one to my sister-in-law, one to share with friends at work and one each to my neighours on both sides. The other two I kept to make pumpkin dessert, pumpkin soup and vegetable. Both GismoMan and MartianGirl were really excited when the plants started to grow, but after having had to eat pumpkins for weeks, they got quite depressed with the pumpkin fence.


  1. I am surprised they grew on the fence like that. They can get so heavy!

  2. Ohhh I want a wall of pumpkins now! It looks so delightful. I'm kind of wanting pumpkin pie too.

  3. Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! I have enjoyed visiting yours in return. I love your pumpkin fence! It is great! I didn't grow mine on the fence this year but I did at my other garden a few years ago. Now I have a bigger garden so I have more space, so I didn't do so much on the fence. I think I might try this next year though because I like how it looks and the fence is more interesting with things growing on it. Let me know if you would ever like to exchange some pumpkin/squash seeds because I would be delighted to send you some from here! Maybe it would be something new for your garden! Have a great day! Claire from Whispering Acres.