Saturday, June 20, 2009


Decorated by MartianGirl

It had been one rough week at work, one of those where however much you complete and stack into the Out-tray, the In-tray doesn't seem to reduce in volume. Anyway it's Father's day today in Malaysia. I though I'd better state "in Malaysia," cos' Mother's Day seems to be celebrated on different dates internationally. I am not sure whether we follow the British or American dates, but as long as we have a day, it does not matter when.

In my previous posts, I mentioned I have a wonderful neighbour who cooks and bakes like a professional chef. Jeanny sends over dinner meals, cheese cakes, breads, chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, local delicacies and even smoothies. She is a real Gordon Ramsay without the colourful language. In addition to all that, she even takes MartianGirl out to movies and lunch together with her daughter during the school breaks.

So for Father's Day, Jeanny baked two heart shaped butter cakes, got the two girls together in her kitchen to decorate the cakes for their fathers. Isn't that fantastic? I returned from work to a lovely cake in the fridge. MartianGirl was so proud of her work, she must have opened the fridge a hundred times to look. Of course GismoMan was estatic with the cake, he took all the photos and proudly announced it was the most beautiful cake he had ever had... blah, blah .... and that his wife (me!!) had never baked or decorated a more lovely cake...and promptly took us all out for dinner. It was Father's Day and he paid for dinner cos he was so pleased! I am not complaining... I had a lovely dinner..Burp, excuse me.




  1. I love the strawberries with the little chocolate chips on the top. Pure genius!

    It's father's day here too!

  2. That was nice of your neighbor!! Looks like your Martian had fun!!lol Fathers day is today here in the U.S. too.

  3. Hello there. That cake looks so delicious. I am sure that your daughter is so proud of you not only because she baked you a cake but more than that. Your neighbor is very thoughtful of teaching your daughter how to bake and decorate a cake. It's father's day here in the US and my home country the Philippines too. By the way, thanks for the comments. Take care, enjoy your day and most of all HAppy Father's Day.

  4. You'll laugh. It was Fathers Day in your world but fathers day in my part of the world is September. A friend of mine in Canada sent me a calender and I have been using that at home, so on that calender its has fathers day 22 i tell all my friends and partner we better do something with your dad becuase it's fathers day. But guess what???? It wasn't. So i had to text all my friends and tell them don't stress. No wonder they looked at me funny when i told them what i was doing for fathers day :-) hehehe

  5. Father's Day in UK was the day after yours. I bet MartianGirl enjoyed decorating the cake for her Dad. And Mum seems to have enjoyed the day as well.

  6. Fabulous cake! I could practically taste it just looking at the pictures!